#GirlBoner Gusto: Talking Sex with Dr. Jane Greer

“Conversation, like certain portions of the anatomy, always runs more smoothly when lubricated.” — Marquis de Sade

Let's Talk Sex - Chalkboard

Last week I had the privilege of chatting about Girl Boner with Dr. Jane Greer, a nationally renowned therapist, relationship expert, former Redbook editor and author of What About Me?: Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Marriage on her wonderful radio series, Let’s Talk Sex. The timing was perfect, in my opinion, as Girl Boner turns ONE this week! (That’s right—we have been aroused together for 12 months! Hotness…)

I can’t think of a better way to commemorate this anniversary than discussing sexuality with a host as dynamic as Dr. Greer. Have I always been so candid about sex-talk? How are sexuality and body image linked? What’s the word on the street about couples’ mismatched sex drive? We explored these topics and more…

For more information about Dr. Greer, visit DrJaneGreer.com. You can also connect with her on Twitter: @DrJaneGreer. To download the MP3 of our interview, visit the HealthyLife.Net archives.

LIVE TODAY: To join me in a live chat on sexuality, body image and psychological thrillers with self-publishing teacher, author and host of INDIE AUTHORS on Google+ Jason Matthews and Marla Miller of Marketing the Muse, visit Indie Authors #66 on Google+. We go live at 6pm PST!

What did you think of my chat with Dr. Greer? Isn’t she fantastic? What questions would you like to ask or have explored in an upcoming post? Any suggestions for additional ways to celebrate Girl Boner’s big 01? 😉 I always delight in your thoughts. 

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  1. You’ll be delinquent in your duties as G.B. site admin if you don’t celebrate w/some bday cake. Just sayin’….

  2. The only mistake I caught was the Dr. stated your book’s name as “In Your Shadow” instead of “In Her Shadow.”
    I loved the discussion. August, you help me with much more than my feelings and discussions about sexuality. You, somehow, give me some hope that there really is someone out there for me. People have their differences and, by logical process, they have their similarities. I would have loved to have been your friend years ago and learned along with you. That’s not a come-on, by the way, it’s a compliment. You and I could have learned a lot from each other. I learn from people and books and all so much of the time now, it would have made me so much healthier to have learned this years ago.
    Keep on speaking…we are listening.

    • Thanks so much for listening, Scott, and for the encouragement. I’m touched that you’ve gained hopefulness here–very worthy, at that. Support like yours goes a long way. Cheers!

  3. Woo hoo! You’re a radio star! And you sound so cool and collected. I’d be er-ing my way through any interview. Hope the return interview goes as well!


  4. I’m listening to your voice right now, August.

    You know I’m a speak-out follower of and commenter on Girl Boner.

    Better yet, I’m a beneficiary of the Intel I’ve gained from this series. You make it a warm, inviting environment to talk about sex, masturbation, sensuality, needs, and fulfillment.

    I’ve even benefited from your open and sincere availability via email.

    Spreading the word? Gosh! I have embraced opportunities — one just yesterday — to bring sexuality out of the verboten-topic closet. Had you challenged me to do that when I first began this series, I would have bet money I’d keep my thoughts in the Girl Boner comment box.

    Yesterday, I even broke out my copy of I Love Female Orgasm and told the young, recently married woman about my growth. She admitted she didn’t feel comfortable talking about sex with her husband.

    I admitted I hadn’t been able to do that for decades, and ended up faking it most of my life. I could tell from the spark in her eyes, and the infinitesimal nod of her head that she had been tripping down my ill-advised and uninformed path. She asked for the information on the book. I suspect she plans to go forth and learn. YES!

    Great point just made on watered-down or self-edited conversations with girlfriends about sex. I have to admit that I have no personal girlfriends with whom I can discuss sex, self-discovery, or sensuality. I broach the topic — even talk about the Girl Boner series and the books I’ve recently read — and then watch for the reaction. Closed topic. Not open for discussion. Best to leave those conversations where they are. I am not in charge of everyone’s sexual pleasure. I simply share my history, and read the reaction.

    The one person with whom I have conversations about sex? A male friend. I ask him how it feels for a male when this-or-that happens. I’ve admitted my people-pleasing habit of faking it. We talk about everything. We’ve laughed about the name on my G-Spot toy [Don Wand…snort!]. It’s the best, most open sex talk I’ve ever had. And, it all happens on the phone.

    Stellar interview, GB Creator.

    • Girl Boner Central would not be the same without you, Gloria! Thanks so much for listening to the interview, and for your lovely words.

      I’m continually amazed at the discomfort so many women (and men, for that matter, though fewer) experience regarding sex talk. I understand and respect where that unease derives from, but sheesh – it’s so sad! And says a great deal about our culture and problems within it. Thanks to folks like you, that’s changing. 🙂 The journey you’re on is a powerful one, lady. Keep at it!

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