The Beauty of a Woman BlogFest IV: Wrap-Up + Prize Winners! #BOAW2015

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” ― Audrey Hepburn, poem by Sam Levenson

Wow, what a week! You are all such rockstars. The Beauty of a Woman BlogFest IV reached thousands, no doubt inspiring as many. I was blown away by the uniqueness, poignancy and boldness of this year’s contributions.

I was also moved by participants’ support of one another. So before we get to the raffle prizes, I’m thrilled to announce a brand new prize category:

Fab Fester Awards!

The following participants not only contributed remarkably insightful posts, but supported other festers the most, through thoughtful comments, shares and overall interaction. They epitomize what makes the Beauty of a Woman BlogFest not only fun and inspiring, but successful in reaching so many.


Kate, Kitt, Patricia and Karen, THANK YOU! Please accept this blog badge, to share on your sites as you wish. ♥ Thanks also to the multitalented Amber West for helping me make this superhero look beautifully human!

Highlights from Fab Festers’ posts:

“The idea, perpetuated by our society, that women should hide their sensuality, reject their sexuality, and diminish their emotions hit home far stronger that day than it ever has before. These women did none of that. They flirted, undulated, and flaunted their feminine asses off. They were bold, beautiful, and brassy. Their emotion captivated, their strength inspired, their vulnerability enthralled.” — Kate Wood

“It’s all about ownership. Of herself. Her body. Her wants and needs. Does it mean she has to be the aggressor? Only if she wants to be. But it does mean that she’s responsible to communicate. To explore her own body and discover what feels good.” Kitt Crescendo

“I worry about the world today, where the media focus is more frequently on stereotypes that deliver a skewed vision of “beauty” to fertile young minds. I want my granddaughter, and all girls, to grow up in a world that is safe. A world that gives the right messages. I want girls to grow up proud, confident, educated, and kind-hearted, with a strong social conscience.”Patricia Sands

“Perhaps beauty is the key to the door of equality that we cannot seem to unlock. Far too often beauty has been seen as a barrier rather than as an avenue to equanimity… The beauty of a woman is in her having the freedom to be who she is, free to evolve as the unique human she was born to be.”KM Huber

Raffle Prize Winners!

Huge thanks to our wonderful sponsors, and all of you who entered the raffle by supporting others, the fest and these companies! Here are the lucky winners:

1: Style by Rayne Virtual Styling Consult + a Bathing Suit From Sunsets Inc + Corpus Dei Perfume by Natalie Bolton WINNER: Michelle Williams

2: #BOAW2015 Original Artwork, created by A’driane Nieves and Renée A. Schuls-Jacobson + #YouSparkle affirmation sticky notes  (2 prizes) WINNER: Jess Witkins & Kate Wood

3: Organic Intimacy Prize Pack from Good Clean Love WINNER: Alica McKenna Johnson

4: Two 12×12 Highly-Textured Original Contemporary Arylic Paintings by artist, Stephen Vanek, donated by Jan Morrill WINNER: Brandi Dagwan

5. Rekindle Your Desire Workshop Pack from Dr. Megan Fleming WINNER: Kitt Crescendo

6: Professional Manuscript Evaluation, from Jenny Redbug WINNER: Jenny Hansen

7: Filmmaking Q&A + a Signed Women Kick Ass Postcard, from Melanie Wise, founder of the Artemis Film Festival WINNER: Susie Lindau

Mini-Features on Girl Boner Radio:

I selected Lana Fox and Shan Jeniah, for their brave and insightful Girl Boner posts. Thank you, ladies! ♥

NOTE FOR WINNERS: I’ll send the sponsor of your prize the name and email address associated with your raffle or fest entry. If you do not receive an email within the next few days, please contact me.

Lastly, I would love your feedback! If you have a minute or two, please complete this survey so that I can keep improving the fest you’ve all made so wonderful.

What was your fest experience like? Any highlights to share? I love hearing from you, and hope you’ll join us next year for the Beauty of a Woman BlogFest V! ♥

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out, August! This was such fun and am really looking forward to next year’s. It really is an honor to be a part of #BOAW2015.

  2. Thanks so much August! I’m looking forward to “meeting” Melanie!

  3. OM Gosh, August! I missed the entire BOAW blog fest. Actually, I’ve missed months of social media interaction, and I miss the peeps, the fun, and the inspiration. You are on the short list of those I’ve missed most.

    Lots happening right now in my life. I’m healthy, definitely not wealthy, and the “wise” depends on who you ask. I’ll email with deets

  4. Holy cowbell! I won a prize? THE prize I hoped for?! I never win anything so that’s just a capper to a very fun Fest this year. The posts were amazing and the interaction was the bomb. Thanks for coordinating this. I just adore you to pieces, August. 🙂

  5. I won a prize by being involved. That’s good enough for me. Thanks, August.

  6. Wahoo! Perfect for decorating my office space! Thank you for hosting these amazing women and their stories, August! Love being a part of this positive female-oriented blog fest!

  7. I’m just beginning to get back in touch with the world after my knee replacement surgery, so I’m sad to say I missed most of the BOAW. But I wanted to say how much I appreciate the fact that you do this. I love the variety of perceptions of beauty, and I think Sam Levenson’s poem gives us words to live by. Hopefully, I’ll be more on top of things next year and be able to participate. Thank you for sharing your beauty by giving us this wonderful blogfest.

    • Thanks, Piper! Those words mean so much from you, and I agree about Levenson’s poem. I hope you’re feeling continually better. We’d of course love to have you next year.

  8. Squee I won!! I’m so excited. Not only did I get to read inspiring heartfelt posts by amazing women, but I get goodies too! Total happy dance.

  9. Wow! I won something? Terrific! I love BOAW, prize or not, but what a cool prize for me to win, huh?

  10. How exciting!!! Thanks a million, August! I enjoyed the fest so much and I feel like a queen to have won that lovely segment. xoxo

  11. I love that award! What a fabulous surprise. Your fest is a great event, August, and like all the other women involved, it’s a pleasure to take part in it! On to 2016!

  12. Congrats everyone! I hope to know most of you personally by the next BOAW. Great insights, sharing and heartfelt stores. KEEP UP THE FAB WORK!

  13. oops stories not stores…dang spelling!


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