#BOAW3 BlogFest Reminders and Some Fun News!

“To love beauty is to see light.” – Victor Hugo

The moon over the sunset

Who’s excited for the Beauty of a Woman BlogFest? I sure am! For those of you who are wondering what I’m talking about, next week, bloggers across the country will be sharing thematic thoughts and stories on their respective blogs. Here on Monday, our premiere Girl Boner Edition day, you’ll find links to the sexuality-related posts. On Thursday, posts on the broader, original theme will appear here. If you haven’t yet participated as a reader or writer, I hope you’ll consider it!

Everyone who participates as a blogger and/or reader will have chances to win gift cards, valuing $5 to $50. I’ll also select two Girl Boner participants’ submissions to read on my radio show the following week. (Have I mentioned that I’m SO EXCITED? :))

A few reminders for bloggers*:

Make sure you email me a link to your post and your post’s title the night before your fest day—Sunday, February 23rd for Girl Boner posts and Wednesday, February 26th for original-theme posts. Your post should appear on your blog that day as well, or by 7am on your fest day.

Include the logo for your fest and a link to my blog https://augustmclaughlin.wordpress.com/ in your post, and invite readers to visit my blog between Sunday February 24th and Wednesday March 3rd to read submissions from both fests and for chances to win prizes.

*If you haven’t signed up for the Beauty of a Woman BlogFest and would like to, there’s still time! For details and to register, visit this link.

Some fun news:

Last week after essentially baring my soul on the radio for an upcoming episode, I had one of those vulnerable, “I wonder if anyone is listening to my show…” spurts–I know you writers can relate!—I learned that Girl Boner Radio holds the #1 stop on iTunes’ New and Noteworthy list. HOLY COW! I was and remain stoked by the honor. Prior to that, I honestly had no idea if more than the handful of folks who’ve mentioned listening or posted a review had tuned in.

The experience reminded me that self-doubt is a normal, fleeting thing. If we simply forge on, doing work we believe in, everything will work out—likely better than we’d imagined. 

The timing couldn’t be better, as I’m promoting the BOAW BlogFest on my show on the air on Monday. New and Noteworthy recognition is known to increase downloads, which means that bloggers’ beauty-FULL stories will gain more worthy attention. YEAH-HOO!!! That’s like primo icing atop a truly scrumptious cake—minus the sugar-overload downsides.


Thank you for supporting the BOAW fest & Girl Boner Radio. This cake is for YOU!

MORE fun—TONIGHT (2/20/14) on Twitter:

If you’re around this evening, I’d love it if you’d join me and the AFTERGLOW crew for a Twitter chat featuring climax tips and tricks! You know you don’t want to miss the chance to chat with world’s most incredible vibrator. 😉 The chat starts at 6:30pm PST, using the hashtag #AfterGlowChat.

Any thoughts or questions to share about the BOAW BlogFest? What have you learned about self-doubt—and how? Will you be joining me on the #AfterGlowChat on Twitter tonight? I love hearing your thoughts. ♥

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  1. Kourtney Heintz

     /  February 20, 2014

    Can’t wait for the BOAW blogfest–you did a great job making it easy to participate! Congrats on iTunes! That’s amazing and well deserved–you’ve been working so hard it’s great to see things come together for you!

    • I’m so excited to fest with you, Kourtney! Thanks for the sweet words. 🙂 It’s a BLAST sharing in your journey and successes, too.

      • Kourtney Heintz

         /  March 1, 2014

        It’s really cool when you think we only met a few years ago and look where we are now! So thrilled to be in the blogfest again. Getting so much awesome feedback on my post. Can’t wait to check out all the others.

      • So true, Kourtney! One of the best parts of blogging is sharing our journeys with others, as you and I have, IMO. Glad you’re enjoying the fest!

  2. I am really looking forward to posting on Girl Boner Monday! I will send you the link after I post it at 6:30 AM. Is that alright?

  3. Sherman P Bastarache

     /  February 20, 2014

    Nice picture of you holding that cake!

  4. Congrats on all your success with the radio show! I’ve always known you were #1, August!!

  5. Excited about BOAW3.

  6. Raani York

     /  February 20, 2014

    I am excited for the BOAW! I’ve got all prepared!! I love your blog – and I sure love the show. Saved the links in my favorite and listen to whenever I can! 🙂 You’re so amazing!

  7. laurie27wsmith

     /  February 20, 2014

    Congratulations August, you media person you! It sounds like everything is coming (hmm) together for you. Love the cake btw, a twitter afterglow chat sounds interesting, although tweeting about orgasms could have funny effects on the spelling. 🙂

  8. Thanks for the cake! Yum! I’m SO looking forward to the BOAW blogfest again and am all set to fire off my post to you on the appointed day. I’m opting for a trad post rather than GB ~ figure I’ll leave that to you youngsters. Your success brings a big smile to my face, August! You are great on your show … a natural! Rock on!

  9. How can I listen to your radio show? 🙂

  10. PetiteEsclave

     /  February 21, 2014

    To which email account do we send the email?

  11. I missed the AfterGlow chat??? Dang it!

    However, it was date night, so I’ll bet I get my own afterglow. *IYKWIM* 😉

  12. I love that second pic, August!
    What a scrumptious dish…
    (I’ll leave that line to your imagination.)

  13. This is all such wonderful news! I’ll do my best to participate in BOAW this year. 😀

  14. Still making last minute revisions, but we are so excited to join in on the Girl Boner/BOAW fun! BTW, the cake is to die for. 😉

    • Woohoo! I just finished mine. I wonder if my friends will be able to look me in the eye after they read my Girl Boner post! It’s Danny approved so I will let it fly into the blogosphere tomorrow. **scary**

      • Aw. Go, Susie! My husband turned many shades of red, listening to mine. 🙂

        I’m sure readers will only love and respect you more – if that’s possible!

      • Awww! Thanks August!
        I almost sent it to you for approval, but figured, what the heck. I need this chapter for my book anyway! 🙂 I have no shame, that’s all I’m sayin’!!!

      • LOL. We were wondering the same thing, Susie. We’re so excited to read yours. Can’t wait!!!

      • Can’t wait to read yours!
        OMG! That’s all I’m sayin’. I crosspost on Facebook and I know my friends will cruise over.. Oh well. I needed the chapter for my book when I publish the Boob Reports a year from now! 🙂

    • So excited to read and share your entry! Sure it’ll be even tastier than chocolate cake. 🙂

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