The Beauty of a Woman BlogFest III: #GirlBoner Edition

True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows and with passing years only grows!” — Sam Levenson, “The Beauty of a Woman”

BOAW GB edition 14

Welcome to our premiere Beauty of a Woman BlogFest Girl Boner Edition! I’ve perused contributors’ stories, and WOW, are you in for a treat. To say that I’m honored to share my bl0g-living room with such insightful, witty, bold and inspiring writers is a tremendous understatement. Whether you’re participating as a blogger, reader or both, please know that your support means a great deal to all of us!

How to participate and potentially win fun prizes:

Click on the links below to read participants’ stories between Monday, February 24th and Thursday, February 27th. Prizes will be awarded by way of a drawing next week.

To have your name added to the prize drawing**:

  • Post a comment below this post, based on the prompts at the end = 1 entry
  • Tweet this post, tagging me @AugstMcLaughlin = 1 entry
  • Share this post on Facebook, tagging me or the Girl Boner Facebook page = 1 entry
  • Participate as a blogger = 5 entries
  • Read and post a comment on all of the posts below, then let me know you did so in a comment on this post or via Twitter = 10 entries 

PRIZES: Winners from the drawing for each fest category will receive Starbucks and Amazon gift cards, valuing $5 to $50. I’ll also select two BOAW Girl Boner posts to read on Girl Boner Radio! 

Bloggers: If you signed up for this category and your name and post are missing below, I haven’t yet received your link (or somehow missed it!). Please send it to me via email or Twitter and I’ll add it promptly. Thanks!

**For more stories and chances for prizes, check out the original fest here, running from February 27th – March 2nd! I’ll conduct two drawings; one for each category.

1. Susan Lee Miller: The Beauty of an “Older” Woman Is…

2. Ginger: ~Daydream for a Succubus~ (BOAW 3) 

3. Petite Esclave: Beauty

4. Kitt Crescendo: Sacred Sexuality #BOAW3 #GirlBoner

5. Dani Walker: My Sexuality Is Not an Inferior Trait: Embracing Womanhood. Embracing Female Sexuality.

6. Raani York: Revenge of the Ugly Beast

7. Inion N. Mathair: The Era of…Women**

8. Jean Franzblau: A Love Letter to My Clit

9. Susie Lindau: The Boob Report – Sex and Yes! Sex!

10. Beth Teliho: Lexicon of Lust

11. August McLaughlin:  The Orgasm That Changed My Life*

*I read my entry on Girl Boner Radio. If you’d like to leave a comment by way of a review, click the button that allows you to open the show in iTunes. While I appreciate the support, reviews aren’t required for the prize drawing. **Because Inion’s post is on a Tumblr site, comments aren’t required there either.

What do you find most beautiful about your sexuality? What steps have you taken, or will you take, to further embrace it? What most struck you about participants’ stories?

Thanks for festing with us! I hope you’ll join us again later this week, from Thursday to Sunday, for posts in the original Beauty of a Woman category and MORE chances to win prizes. I’ll announce gift card winners and read two of the above stories on Girl Boner Radio next week! ♥

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  1. EllieAnn

     /  February 24, 2014

    So many great articles here.

  2. I can’t wait to read through everyone’s posts! So grateful to be a part of this wonderful group of women. 🙂

  3. Woo-hoo!!! I can’t wait to read through the first GirlBoner edition of BOAW. They look delightful. 🙂

  4. Lovin’ these posts! I can’t comment on InionNMathier’s blog on Tumblr, but loved the prose about women over the decades!

    • So glad you’re enjoying! I’ll make a note about Inion’s post as well, that comments aren’t required for the drawing. 🙂

    • Sorry, Susie. We’re still trying to get the hang of Tumblr, we’ll go in to it today and see what we can do. We’re so glad you liked it! We read yours and have to say that you, my friend, are a rockstar!

      • Whether we can post comments on it or not, it’s a fab post! No pressure at all on making changes. 🙂

      • Oh thanks so much! I am on Tumblr too and still don’t know my way around… There should be a way to turn the sharing and comments on.. I loved the post! It took me down a very visual historical fun tour! I loved the inclusion of Madonna!

  5. Hi, I’m Tom. Susie sent me and upon arriving found Jenny and Kitt who I’ve run into on the b-sphere. As a middle-aged male with present dating issues, I’d like to say I really like women who are close to my age. The rabbit factor that predominated teen and early twenties sex is gone. The searching and hit-and-run aspect of the thirties and forties is also gone. It’s been replaced by an appreciation for the closeness and a more relaxed physical intimacy. Women I’ve had the fortune to meet along the way have taught me well. I didn’t know that much coming into sex but learned that women are the best teachers, Love the post. Will visit recipes, I cook.

    • Nice to meet you, Tom! Glad to hear that you’ve had wonderful female teachers/partners. We all ideally learn and grow along they way — and that heightened appreciation for intimacy rocks! As I’m sure you know, it paves the way for plentiful rewards. 🙂 Many thanks for the support.

  6. Reblogged this on Jenny Hansen's Blog and commented:
    10 Sexy Gorgeous Posts, all in one place. Join us in celebrating the extraordinary beauty that is WOMAN!

  7. I’m SO excited for BOAW!! I can’t wait to dig in to all of the fabulous posts. What I find most beautiful about my own sexuality is the fact that I can even find it beautiful now 😉 For too long I felt as though I was simply the sum of my physical parts, and my entire worth was wrapped up in what I could offer sexually. It’s been a long, and sometimes painful journey, but I’m happier now than I have ever been. A large part of that happiness is owed to seeing my sexuality as it really is ~ a beautiful part of me 😉

    • Beautifully said, Kate! I know many women can relate. While always I’ve enjoyed sex, I long lacked the sexual-self relationship I’ve honed over the past 5 years. The rewards sure are worth the bumpy ride, right?? I’m thrilled for your happiness. 🙂 Can’t wait to read your post!

  8. What a spicy, entertaining, and educational collection of posts! I am looking forward to the traditional Blog Fest on Thursday, too. Oh–and I subscribed to your GirlBoner podcast–I’m a huge podcast listener. Great story you shared and I’m looking forward to more.

  9. Congrats on the beginning of another fabulous BOAW blogfest! I love how you have added the #GirlBoner posts as well! I’ve only managed to read a few so far and they’ve been brilliant … but of course … can’t wait to get back to the rest. I’m already to hit post to send you mine In the “shy girl” section!

    • Thanks, Patricia! I’ve been loving the contributions as well – fun to make a week of the fest. 🙂 I can’t wait to savor and share your post!

  10. I just listened to your Girl Boner Radio Show! Your chapter was amazing! You are such a great writer!
    Back in Wisconsin, we (my girlfriends and I) all shared what we knew.and were not sexually repressed at all. Cosmo and experimentation with boyfriends filled in the blanks. I remember dating a guy who wouldn’t masturbate. I thought that was so strange. He always had a girlfriend since he needed one for sexual release. With all the information out there, I gotta believe your experience had everything to do with your upbringing and is not so much the norm, but who knows? Maybe there’s a trend backwards.
    I bought a book to explain sex to the kids when they each entered 5th grade. They both begged Danny to tell them since they already knew by then that I would gross them out. I still explained everything to Courtney including masturbation. It just made sense to me that she should know about it.; I’m not sure how much they retained at the time, but they both seem very comfortable in their bodies.
    Congrats on your new agent and book!

    • Thanks, Susie!! I love that you gained sexual empowerment early on–a pretty rare thing for women overall. The fact that you’re carrying that empowerment on as a primo mom makes you a rockstar, IMO. Thanks for making the world a better place. 🙂

  11. What surprises me most about the posts is the honesty. I think that’s beautiful, empowering, and amazing. I can hardly write sex scenes without blushing. haha. This is all very inspiring. Good on you, August and all the other authors!
    My sweet friends, Inion N. Mathair – I adored yours!!! great job!

    • I’m so glad you’ve been inspired! Open honesty goes a long way regarding sexuality. While doing so publicly doesn’t suit everyone, I’m so grateful for those who do — and for supporters like you. Many thanks!

  12. The Regular Guy NYC

     /  February 24, 2014

    There are some wonderful writers here and I currently follow their blogs! Very nice of you to feature them all!

  13. PetiteEsclave

     /  February 24, 2014

    What a lovely collection of posts! Thanks so much for organizing this. And I love your podcast because… masturbating is so much fun! 😉

  14. I just listened to your GB Podcast about The Orgasm that Changed Your Life and am moved! The beauty of sexual discovery is that it really doesn’t matter how or when we get there….just that when we finally do, it’s a beautiful thing! Thanks for your bold and sensual read.

  15. Fantastic stuff August! It’s too bad there are only two other guys on here. This is so insightful.

    I am 200% for feminine sexual discovery and liberation. There are far too many stigmas that seem to hamper this kind of sexual movement for the ladies. In my opinion, there is very little that is sexier than a woman who is sexually confident and open.

    There is nothing more beautiful than a woman, and there is nothing sexier and more appealing than a sexually empowered woman.

  16. joining the party too late for the buffet, but thought you’d enjoy this poem inspired by #BOAW.
    Lexicon of Lust:

  17. Raani York

     /  February 25, 2014

    I really enjoy reading the posts. And I do whatever I can to spread word about the posts of this amazing group.

  18. **There is nothing more beautiful than a woman, and there is nothing sexier and more appealing than a sexually empowered woman.**

    love this comment from the guy above!

  19. I’ve commented on a couple of the individual posts, but I forgot to comment here. Love reading all your posts, August, and I love participating in BOAW.

  20. Tweeting and facebooking! The thing that struck me most, is we’re all the same. We all have things about our bodies that we’ve had to learn to live with. Great blogfest!

  21. Raani York

     /  February 26, 2014

    I did read all the posts and commented on all possible ones. 🙂 I had a lot of fun and a very good time!! All participants are amazing and I’m honored to be in such special and wonderful company!! Thank you for having me!!

  22. I read and commented on all the posts and it was very interesting to see the many different takes on it, how some were very direct and others more subtle.
    I definitely go with the subtle myself. I’m just 19 and not at all experienced. I have issues with letting myself go in these cases but am trying to get into the game. I think pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone is tremendously important.
    This Saturday I went ahead and dressed up as Miley Cyrus at a horror party. My belly was halfway showing, something I felt extremely self-conscious about.
    However, I hooked up with an incredibly hot guy and the experience has left me wanting more. That night left me feeling validated in a way I’ve not experienced before.

  23. I’ve already checked out posts from Susie, Kitt, Marcia, and Patricia. Loved every one of them – great videos in the posts from Pat and Susie. I’ll be sharing a lot of link love from work because this is right up our alley!

    Thank you for hosting August. What a great space for us to gather. I’ve loved seeing the comments and stories in the comments section just as much as the blog posts themselves. 😀

  24. Kicking myself (somewhat) for not making a #BOAW #Girlboner post too now. So much great company to spend time in.

    Small note… I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem, but I couldn’t find a place to comment in Dani’s Suburbia Interrupted post. And she had some great stuff about freeing ourselves from the stigma of being fully human, sexual beings.

  25. Kourtney Heintz

     /  March 1, 2014

    So many great posts–going to keep me busy all weekend!

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