#BOAW2015 FAQ, Update and Prizes!

Hi Beauties!

I hope you’re enjoying the Beauty of a Woman BlogFest IV as much as I am. Once again, I’ve been blown away by writers’ insightfulness, bold sharing and uniqueness. Thank you for bringing light to real beauty, and inspiring so many—me included. The fest collectively reached well over 1,000 people on day one. BRAVA!

Since the fest is carrying on here, I thought I’d pop into my blog living room and share answers to your questions and a bit more on our fantabulous prizes!


Q: What if I can’t comment on a  post?

A: Two or three of the blogs either don’t allow comments, or have technical kinks to be worked out. If you’re going for maximum prize points, by commenting on all posts, simply comment on all of the posts you can! Then tweet the posts you can’t seem to comment on, including the hashtag: #BOAW2015.

To simply share your (respectful, of course!) thoughts on those posts, feel free to find that writer on Facebook, Twitter or their own website. You can also post comments on the #BOAW2015 Facebook event page.

Q: I’m running behind! Can I still enter as a blogger?

A: You sure can! Just make sure you follow the remaining guidelines detailed here. (Commenting on posts that appear after 2/23 won’t be required for full points in the prize drawing.)


♥ Don’t forget to enter the raffle! Doing so supports our prize sponsors and could land you a stellar prize. Enter through the fest page, or through the Giveaway tab on my Facebook author page. Bloggers and readers can enter through March 1.

♥ Support fellow festers! Participants supporting one another is one of the best parts of BOAW—and the more we do so, the more people we reach. Huge thanks to all of you who are reading and sharing others’ posts. You rock!

♥ Post your #BOAW2015 selfie! For a fun way to keep the conversations going while bringing added light to the fest and your fine work, post a selfie with the hashtag, letting us know what makes YOU feel most beautiful. Here’s mine, as an example:

#BOAW2015 selfie

Prize highlights:

#1: Rayne, of Style by RayneVirtual Personal Styling by a Hollywood Stylist + a Bathing Suit From Sunsets Inc + Corpus Dei Perfume by Natalie Bolton   Value: $395.00

#2: #BOAW2015 Original Artwork, created by A’driane Nieves and Renée A. Schuls-Jacobson + #YouSparkle affirmation sticky notes  Value: $250.00 each (2 prizes)

#3: Organic Intimacy Products from Good Clean Love: 2 oz. Restore Moisturizing Personal Lubricant, 1.5 oz. Cinnamon Vanilla Personal Lubricant, 4 oz. Indian Spice Love Oil, 2 oz. Spicy Orange Body Candy  Value: $64

#3: Highly-Textured Original Contemporary Arylic Paintings by artist, Stephen Vanek, donated by Jan Morrill

#4: Rekindle Your Desire Workshop Pack Includes a 60-minute audio track, a companion workbook, access to a live Q&A, and lifetime access to a private FB page, led by clinical psychologist Dr. Megan Fleming. Value: $79.00

#5: Professional Manuscript Evaluation, from Jenny Redbug  Value: $600 – $1500

#6: Filmmaking Q&A + a Signed Women Kick Ass Postcard, from Melanie Wise, founder of the Artemis Film Festival! Value: $300.00

Learn more about these prizes here.


Any additional questions? Or thoughts to share? Let me know! I always love hearing from you.

10 Ways to Look and Feel As Lovely As You Are #BOAW2015

OMG, it’s blog-fest day! Woo hoo! Can anyone else feel the sparkles in the air?

The Beauty of a Woman BlogFest IV is taking place at this link from 8am today through March 1. Head over there to read incredible posts from many talented writers, and for chances to win some awesome prizes!

Our grand prize sponsor, Rayne, and I created a little video gift for you all. We hope you enjoy it!

10 Ways to Look and Feel As Lovely As You Are


For practical, entertaining style tips delivered to your email box each week, make sure to sign up for Rayne’s mailing list. Do so this week, as part of the #BOAW2015 raffle, and you’ll also gain four chances to win a prize! We’re giving away incredible prizes this year, including a personal style consult, swimsuit and perfume from Rayne, original artwork, professional manuscript analysis, a filmmaking consult, intimacy products and more.

Which tip was your favorite? What would you add to our list? We’d love to hear from you! ♥ 

Celebrating my Birthday with Authors’ Sex and Fashion Tips!

Each year near my birthday, I ask myself whether I’ve earned the next number. If I can say “YES” to these questions: Have I lived authentically? Followed my heart? Grown as a person? I feel I’m doing a-okay.

Moving forward is always groovy, especially when it brings you cake!

Moving forward is always cake-worthy!

Starting this year, I also ask whether I’m doing more good and reaching more people. I had to grow into these newbies; there was too much self-work to be done earlier on. I’ve learned that living authentically, and all the work it requires, allows us to not only live more fully, but to discover and fulfill our life’s purpose. While mine continues to unfold, it undoubtedly involves my writing, radio show and activism—entities I can scarcely separate.

The past 12 months have brought intense challenges, but also profound joy, growth and beauty. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that my show came into fruition just as the biggest trials began. No matter how trying a day or week has been, I’ve found solace and invigoration at the station. Before the microphone is my happy place, whether I’m on top of my game that particular day or not. And on bright days, little tickles me more than sharing them with fans, guests and friends.

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my capri-carious birth-mas this year than to share my happy place with fabulous writers and friends! Yesterday on Girl Boner Radio, 12 authors shared their top sex tips, which ranged from ways to prioritize intimacy in a hectic life to how to prepare your mouth for some scrumptious oral play. (Yum. I’m so trying that one.) You’re going to love what these authors had to say!

I also chatted with my fabulous friend Rayne. As the founder and CEO of Style by Rayne, she’s the the fashion expert for numerous TV shows and has become the go-to makeover specialist for LA matchmaking companies. Her book, Ultimate Guide to Style, teachers readers fun, simple ways to go from “drab to fab.” Rayne shared 5 awesome tips for feeling and looking your best this New Year’s Eve. This led to an intriguing chat on boobs and bras you don’t wanna miss! Especially if you’re as clueless about bra-fit as I am.

Rayne even let me do the styling! Bet you can't tell. ;)

Rayne even let me do the styling! Bet you can’t tell. 😉

My birth-mas wish this year is that you all find ways to live more authentically—which could involve switching out your bra, apparently…  I also hope you’ll tune in to my show and check out these wonderful guests’ thoughts and work. I have a feeling you’ll be glad you did!

Unless you’ve already subscribed, visit this link on iTunes to download or stream the show:

Click here: Girl Boner Radio Holiday Sex & Fashion Tip Extravaganza!


Crystal Ponti, author of Clash of the Couples

Kassandra Lamb, author of Fatal Forty-Eight

Elle, author of The Fall

Catie Rhodes, author of Forever Road

Lauren Brim, author of The New Rules of Sex

Emmie Mears, author of Storm in a Teacup

Amelia Aimes, author of The Devil Made Me Do It

Mary Pauline Lowry, author of Wildfire

Tameri Etherton, author of The Stones of Kaldaar

Piper Bayard, author of Firelands, a Post-Apocolyptic Tale

Rich Gabrielly, author of Uncovering the Hidden Currency of Marriage

A.O. Peart, author of Reclaim Me

And our featured guest, Rayne of Style by Rayne! Who you can find on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as @StyleByRayne.
Rayne_Style by Rayne
**FUN CHANCE! Sign up for Rayne’s weekly Rayne Checks before New Year’s Eve and let us know you did below or via Twitter for a chance to win a free holiday fashion critique and copy of her style guide! No need to live in LA for the critique—she’ll conduct the session by email. 🙂

As a gift to you all, the show also features an incredible rendition of Wonderful World, performed by Gayle Davidson and her band, Giraffe! The album, which ROCKS, is available on iTunes.


When I consider days like this, when I’m blessed by the chance to share the stage with such brilliant folks, I have no doubt that I’m on the right track. Thanks for your ongoing support! I’m so grateful you’ve been a part of my year.

August ♥