Girl Boner Physiology: The Female Body, Turned ON

As soon as a woman starts thinking with interest about sex, her vagina begins to moisten. 

This, according to Dr. David Delvin, GP and psychotherapist Christine Webber, is the physiological equivalent of a male erection.

“Is that a drink in your panties, or are you just happy to see me?”

(Okay, maybe not THAT wet, but since when do male erections look precisely like guns?)

Wetness may be a predominant sign of female sexual arousal, but there is so much more to Girl Boners…

To me, the term I’ve trademarked and used for years, encompasses all aspects of women’s sexual arousal, including physical and emotional factors. In case you missed last week’s post, Girl Boner is also my way of contributing to the progression toward a world in which women’s sexuality and sexual pleasure are embraced, celebrated and understood. Toward that end, let’s dip into some body-licious specifics.

What did my first sex ed teacher leave out? What actually happens when we’re aroused?

As many of you know, a whole heck of a lot.

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Girl Boner Basics: Sexual Arousal Signs in Healthy Women’s Bodies

  • When sexual desire strikes, our brains signal the release of moisture to lubricate the vagina for sex. (I suddenly have the urge to make that kitty RARRR! noise.)
  • At the same time, the clitoris, our most erotically sensitive part, and our labias, the vaginal “lips,” swell up. This creates an opening and room for the possible entry of a penis.
  • Our breasts also swell somewhat, while our nipples grow more pronounced.
  • We start breathing harder and faster, potentially to the point of gasping.
  • Our eyes glaze over. Our pupils may widen.
  • Those of us with fair skin may experience a full-body blush—the result of adrenaline causing our blood vessels to dilate, in order to improve blood and oxygen flow to our genital. For the same reasons, our veins may visibly throb.
  • We might lick our lips, cock our heads and arch our backs, overwhelmed by feel-good brain chemicals and an overall sense of WANT… Mmm…

All of this can happen without any sexual activity at all. In fact, I’d venture to guess that some of you who are really taking these words in are experiencing some of it right now. (If you need to take an, um, break, go right ahead.)

Franco: “Dare I say, your breast look sharp in cold weather.”
Yvette: “I’m not cold, dah-ling. I call these nipple boners.”

Many of us have heard that men are more sexual than women, become aroused far faster and have “sex on the brain” (or penises as brains) 24/7. In Girl Boner-land, we see things differently…

Before the early-mid 2000s, studies regarding sexual arousal in women utilized invasive probes and electrodes, comparable to uncomfortable mechanical tampons. Yes, you read that right. (No wonder men’s pleasure scores came out higher…) In 2006, researchers at the McGill University Health Centre in Montreal, Canada, chose a more accurate method known as thermal imagining, which allowed them to measure blood flow and heat to the genitals—tell-tale arousal signs.

Guess what they discovered? After extensive study, the researchers determined that men and women shown erotic images are aroused equally quickly.

Other factors can douse the sexual engine, of course, or rev us up faster or slower. But in ideal, or even reasonable, circumstances, healthy folks get turned on FAST. In other words, all of the above listed symptoms can magnify with the shwing of a penis.

On that exciting note, I’ll pass the mic to you. Were you surprised to learn that healthy men and women tend to have equally quick arousal time? Have you considered the numerous physical changes involved with female turn-on? Did you know that our breasts enlarge?!? Any exceptions or signs to add? (We all tick a little differently, regardless of gender.) As long as you’re respectful, TMI does not apply here.

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