Empowering Female Sexuality Quotes: A #GirlBoner #BOAW3 Wrap-up


I spend much of my time immersed in sexuality research, which includes sorting through the overload of damaging misinformation on the web. Quotes that empower women sexually are particularly difficult to find. To say that last Monday was a breath of fresh air by comparison is a massive understatement! I was and remain struck by BOAW Girl Boner contributors’  eagerness to share incredibly personal stories and insight on female sexuality.

HUGE THANKS to all of you who participated in the Beauty of a Woman BlogFest Girl Boner Edition! Rather than share more of my own thoughts on the fest, I thought it appropriate to wrap the fest up with words from the festers themselves. The following lines are some of many that most stood out to me. (Thanks, Jen, for choosing one from mine!)

If anyone should find this page and desire to quote one of these women in a blog post or article, please attribute and link the quote up appropriately. For the full post a quote derived from, click on the sayer’s name.

Empowering Quotes on Female Sexuality

“If you should have the experience of loving an older woman, bathe in her wild, feminine, exquisite energy and know that you’ve been touched by a divine creature.” — Susan Lee Miller

Thanks, Susan, for reminding us that women's beauty and sensuality don't fade, but crystalize.

Thank you, Susan, for reminding us that women’s beauty and sensuality don’t fade, but deepen and radiate more with time.

“I take pleasure in good food, in glorious music, and in the lush desire I feel when I allow myself to be fully submerged in the fullness of my sexuality.” — Ginger

“It lies in all that I am and all that I can be; uninhibited, joyously displayed for all to see.” — Petite Esclave

“eyes meet
giggle, blush
lips kiss
skin tingles
tug, touch…” — Beth Teliho

“You’re a glorious woman and a woman foremost, who always loves to play. And for those who like a ‘slap-on-the-ass’ there’s always: Fifty Shades of Gray.” — Inion N. Mathair

Joy and fullness—yes, yes, YES!

Joy and fullness—yes, yes, YES!

“Remember there’s nothing wrong with loving yourself or loving yourself. Getting in touch with your body is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and your partner(s).”— Kitt Crescendo

“I am an intelligent woman, mother, and partner who enjoys sex and isn’t afraid to experiment and embrace my sexuality.” — Dani Walker

“Making love with myself was like dusting off a layer of dislike, revealing authenticity, inner beauty and potential.” — August McLaughlin

Embracing and nurturing our bodies in ALL ways = rockstar. #NoShame

Embracing and nurturing our bodies in ALL ways = rockstar. #NoShame

“This man, my hope the last man I will ever trust, thinks I’m gorgeous. He compliments me, he builds my self-confidence, he’s standing behind me and supporting me. And he does whatever necessary to make me feel beautiful – and sexy… and  desirable!” — Raani York

“So if you are freaking out about aging and your appearance, you may have more fun in the sack than you did in your twenties even if you go through breast cancer!” — Susie Lindau

“This morning, I raise a glass of smoothie and make a toast to you: To my gorgeous healthy clitoris – my pleasure point, my sensation center, my delicious dot – to you.” — Jean Franzblau

Cheers to all of you!

Cheers to all of you!

Prize Winners!

$50 Amazon gift card: Inion Mathair

$10 Starbucks gift card: Raani York

Guest appearance on Girl Boner Radio: Jean Franzblau and Kitt Crescendo

I chose these ladies’ posts because they are not only AWESOME, but work wonderfully into topics I’ve been planning to cover on the air. Rather than read them myself, I’ve invited both women to join me on the show! I’m delighted that they’ve agreed. Stay tuned for more on both episodes, in which we’ll explore the mighty clitoris and sex and Christianity.

Congrats to all of our winners and every one of you who contributed thoughts and stories, which IMO is the best prize of all. I hope you’ll all join us in February, ’15 for another round!

What most struck you about the first ever BOAW Girl Boner Edition? Any thoughts to share on a particular post? Or a line that’s been ringing in your thoughts since? I love hearing from you! ♥