Celebrating my Birthday with Authors’ Sex and Fashion Tips!

Each year near my birthday, I ask myself whether I’ve earned the next number. If I can say “YES” to these questions: Have I lived authentically? Followed my heart? Grown as a person? I feel I’m doing a-okay.

Moving forward is always groovy, especially when it brings you cake!

Moving forward is always cake-worthy!

Starting this year, I also ask whether I’m doing more good and reaching more people. I had to grow into these newbies; there was too much self-work to be done earlier on. I’ve learned that living authentically, and all the work it requires, allows us to not only live more fully, but to discover and fulfill our life’s purpose. While mine continues to unfold, it undoubtedly involves my writing, radio show and activism—entities I can scarcely separate.

The past 12 months have brought intense challenges, but also profound joy, growth and beauty. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that my show came into fruition just as the biggest trials began. No matter how trying a day or week has been, I’ve found solace and invigoration at the station. Before the microphone is my happy place, whether I’m on top of my game that particular day or not. And on bright days, little tickles me more than sharing them with fans, guests and friends.

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my capri-carious birth-mas this year than to share my happy place with fabulous writers and friends! Yesterday on Girl Boner Radio, 12 authors shared their top sex tips, which ranged from ways to prioritize intimacy in a hectic life to how to prepare your mouth for some scrumptious oral play. (Yum. I’m so trying that one.) You’re going to love what these authors had to say!

I also chatted with my fabulous friend Rayne. As the founder and CEO of Style by Rayne, she’s the the fashion expert for numerous TV shows and has become the go-to makeover specialist for LA matchmaking companies. Her book, Ultimate Guide to Style, teachers readers fun, simple ways to go from “drab to fab.” Rayne shared 5 awesome tips for feeling and looking your best this New Year’s Eve. This led to an intriguing chat on boobs and bras you don’t wanna miss! Especially if you’re as clueless about bra-fit as I am.

Rayne even let me do the styling! Bet you can't tell. ;)

Rayne even let me do the styling! Bet you can’t tell. 😉

My birth-mas wish this year is that you all find ways to live more authentically—which could involve switching out your bra, apparently…  I also hope you’ll tune in to my show and check out these wonderful guests’ thoughts and work. I have a feeling you’ll be glad you did!

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Crystal Ponti, author of Clash of the Couples

Kassandra Lamb, author of Fatal Forty-Eight

Elle, author of The Fall

Catie Rhodes, author of Forever Road

Lauren Brim, author of The New Rules of Sex

Emmie Mears, author of Storm in a Teacup

Amelia Aimes, author of The Devil Made Me Do It

Mary Pauline Lowry, author of Wildfire

Tameri Etherton, author of The Stones of Kaldaar

Piper Bayard, author of Firelands, a Post-Apocolyptic Tale

Rich Gabrielly, author of Uncovering the Hidden Currency of Marriage

A.O. Peart, author of Reclaim Me

And our featured guest, Rayne of Style by Rayne! Who you can find on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as @StyleByRayne.
Rayne_Style by Rayne
**FUN CHANCE! Sign up for Rayne’s weekly Rayne Checks before New Year’s Eve and let us know you did below or via Twitter for a chance to win a free holiday fashion critique and copy of her style guide! No need to live in LA for the critique—she’ll conduct the session by email. 🙂

As a gift to you all, the show also features an incredible rendition of Wonderful World, performed by Gayle Davidson and her band, Giraffe! The album, which ROCKS, is available on iTunes.


When I consider days like this, when I’m blessed by the chance to share the stage with such brilliant folks, I have no doubt that I’m on the right track. Thanks for your ongoing support! I’m so grateful you’ve been a part of my year.

August ♥

Sex Tips From Gigolos Star Nick Hawk: More Than Meets the Eye

“I like to be close, intimate and wrapped up in a ball of hot sex.” — Nick Hawk

Yowza, right? As many of you know, I had the pleasure of interviewing Nick Hawk, a star of Showtime’s Gigolos, for Girl Boner Radio last week. I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to interview someone whose career focuses on female sexual pleasure! I can only imagine how many Girl Boners he’s ignited… *rushes off to daydream*

While Nick is perhaps best known for his role as a sexy celebrity escort, there’s much more to him than that. The Wisconsin native had a wrestling career, entered the air force and worked as a stripper and bartender while earning an English degree before Gigolos producers approached him in 2010. He prides himself in living life to the fullest and has recently added coaching men on sex and dating and authoring educational books to the mix.

Nick was kind enough to carry our interview on via email. To listen to part one of our interview, pop over to this link on iTunes:

Girl Boner Radio: Tantalizing Tips, Turn-Ons and Sex Toys with Gigolos Star Nick Hawk

Nick Hawk Gigolos


August: What simple steps can a man take to help his lover feel more comfortable and confident sexually?

Nick: As my Sexpert website states right on the top, “honesty and respect are the keys to a happy relationship.”  Sincerity and HONEST compliments will make her more comfortable and confident. This shouldn’t be challenging or you’re with the wrong person. You might get into the mindset that it goes without saying but if you notice she is in a good mood or something about them is turing you on. Let them know! And when you’re in bed with them, tell them when they do something right. Let them know you’re enjoying it and how hot they look when they do it. If you’re there for her mentally, she’ll be there for you physically.

August: Many women seem to feel uncomfortable expressing their sexual wants and needs. Any tips for easing that angst?

Nick: This is a challenge for everyone but we are moving into a more sexually advanced society and a society where most people don’t feel as if they’re doing something wrong exploring, maybe something that in the past was considered abnormal, sexual desires. And we can go back to the previous question because you have to make your woman feel comfortable enough for her to talk to you about them. Being honest with her and telling her about yours will help as well.

August: What’s one of your favorite sex positions? What do you love about it?

Nick: Besides the “Nick Hawk?”  I would have to say the one I named “The Lover” in my sex position book. I like to be close, intimate and wrapped up in a ball of hot sex. I also love skin-on-skin contact and breasts in my face.

August: My imagination thanks you! You all make us laugh a lot on Gigolos. What’s one of your funniest sexual experiences?

Nick: My goal in everything I do in life is to make it fun. That was what I wanted and expected from day one of Gigolos, my sex toy line, my music and of course giggling. I’m ecstatic Gigolos is a comedy that makes people laugh and gives people a more positive perspective about dating and sex. As for sexual experiences, the ones that are most fun are when you can goof off a little bit and maybe try some weird kinky shit. If you go into anything with the right attitude you’re going to have fun with it. I think it’s a riot having sex in public and fleeing the scene as well. An elevator incident comes to mind.


Don’t you love the way he tells us just enough to send our thoughts whirling and wanting for more??? Huge thanks to Nick for sharing his time and insight with us. To learn more about the celebrity gigolo, gain his sex-pertise, order his sex toys and more, visit NickHawkExplicit.com. You can also connect with Nick on twitter: @TheNickHawk.

Any thoughts to share with Nick? What did you think of our interviews? What’s YOUR favorite sex position? Are you a Gigolos fan? I love hearing from you! ♥