#GirlBoner Radio Sneak Peek! And a Chance to Make a Cameo Appearance

Wowzers! Girl Boner Radio officially kicks off next Monday, January 13th! I wish I could accurately express my excitement. Let’s just say my soul has a Girl Boner of the insatiable variety. 😉

August McLaughlin Girl Boner Radio

Actually, both! I was happy to see Dr. Lisa when I appeared on her show in November, but my latest GB excitement, as many of you know, is my podcast series/radio show that derived from that experience.

While I’m fortunate to have a super groovy production team, the show’s content is largely up to me. Guess what that means? It’s also up to you.

This show wouldn’t have come about without the support and loyalty of you fabulous readers, and I’d LOVE to involve you in the program as much as possible. For starters, here’s how you can make a cameo appearance in my very first episode!

Make a Cameo Apperance on Girl Boner Radio’s Premiere Episode!

Record a short audio clip (1 minute or less) of you answering one of these questions:

What is a Girl Boner?

What do you remember about your earliest sex education?

Be as serious or goofy as you wish! If chosen to air, your identity won’t be revealed unless you somehow work your name into the clip. Email me the clip (august at augustmclaughlin dot com) preferably as an Mp3, by this Friday, January 10th with Girl Boner in the subject line so I don’t miss it. I’ll consider clips as they appear until I have enough, so the sooner you record and send, the better!

Smart phones make recording audio easy, but feel free to use a fancier method if you have the chops! The clips need not be perfect, but your words should be clear. If you’d rather type and email or tweet me your answers (@AugstMcLaughlin), feel free. I may read a few responses on the air as well. Keep in mind that by submitting a clip, you’re agreeing to allow its on-air use.

Where can you listen?

The best way to hear the show will be via iTunes, where you’ll be able to download and subscribe to the podcasts for free. I’ll share links here and throughout social media as I have them starting next week. Huge thanks to all of you who’ve inquired! I so appreciate your interest and support. 

Girl Boner Radio with August McLaughlin

Think you’ll participate by submitting a clip? What other topics would you like to see featured on Girl Boner Radio? As always, I welcome your thoughts. ♥