5 Empowering Questions to Ask Yourself Daily for a Groovier, More Impactful Life

Happy New Year, beauties! I hope you all had wonderful, soul-nourishing holidays. I had a blast visiting family, chilling out and looking back and forward—as we tend to do around New Year’s.

Before that, I had the pleasure of celebrating 100 episodes of Girl Boner® Radio with my gal pal and stylist extraordinaire, Rayne Parvis, of Style By Rayne—such fun! To hear Rayne interview me about Embraceable, all-things-Girl Boner® and more, click here.

To start the year here, I thought I’d share a handful of practices I’m committed to leading my life by. Rather than keep a to-do list, I check in with myself routinely, posing the below questions.

Sure, there are days I skimp on one and max out on another—but the goal isn’t “perfection.” By aiming to live well and fiercely, we can all be and do more without going bonkers. We’ll even have a blast doing it.


♥ Have you hustled?

I’m not talking about the swindling definition of hustle. I mean working with gusto toward your goals and dreams. To me, hustling means making the most of your time and energy while pushing yourself out of your comfort zone—if even for 20 minutes a day. Examples could include making challenging phone calls, asking for help, saying YES to a butterfly-sy opportunity or concocting one of your own. We’re never too old or inexperienced to dream huge, delicious dreams, so do it!

♥ Did you play?

It’s easy to let play fall to the wayside, but it’s important. “We don’t lose the need for novelty and pleasure as we grow up,” says Scott G. Eberle, Ph.D, editor of the American Journal of Play and vice president of play studies at The Strong. Psychiatrist Stuart Brown, MD, compares play to oxygen. Through decades of researching the power of play, he found that a lack is just as influential as other factors that contribute to criminal behavior, and that playing together rekindles couples’ intimacy—not to mention makes life sweeter. So, play! Paint. Dance. Color. Make love. Make music. Make both.

♥ Were you generous?

Giving is a superpower, especially when we give to give, versus for a particular reaction. Countless studies have linked generosity to physical and emotional health—revealing perks such as lower blood pressure, sharper memories skills and less anxiety and depression. Regardless, it’s the kind thing to do. Volunteer your time and energy to a good cause. Donate to your favorite charity. Kick up your kindness to loved ones or strangers.

♥ Did you practice self-care?

That generosity sure as heck better extend to yourself! The adage is true: We have to put our oxygen masks on before helping others don theirs. If you find yourself tending to everyone but you, stop and remind yourself how selfish that actually is. Provide a good role model for others by nourishing yourself first and foremost. We only have as much to give as we’ve already nurtured within ourselves.

♥ Were you mindful?

John Lennon was one wise dude. Life really can happen while we’re busy making other plans—but it doesn’t have to. Learning to cultivate mindfulness has been one of the most powerful steps (journeys, really) I’ve taken. Mindfulness boosts overall wellness while increasing connection with ourselves—all vital for living bold, fulfilling, empowered lives. Spend time in nature. Pay attention to food as you eat it. Listen more to others. If you’re looking for a simple meditation aid, I highly recommend Simply Being, which you can purchase for $1.99 on iTunes.

What do you think of these questions? Do you abide by any or all of them? If not, what would make your list? I love hearing from you!

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