Making Light of a Bum Situation

Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn whatever state I may be in, therein, to be content. ~ Helen Keller

For the first hour, I didn’t notice the power outage that affected me and over 5 million other Los Angeleans yesterday. I was writing away with sunshine flooding the room, grateful that the 70+ mile-per-hour winds had subsided. Once it struck me, I felt like a dental patient. Dr. Tooth says, “Don’t swallow,” inspiring beast-like urges to gulp. Suddenly I longed for all-things-electronic. Surf the web, watch TV, scan photos, vacuum—you name it. We humans are nothing if not contrary…

Then I recalled a vow my hubby and I made last year after watching Little House on the Prairie Christmas: The Christmas They Never Forgot. We’d have routine “Ingalls nights.” We’d don overalls and braid our, okay my, hair, dine on homemade stew by candlelight and tell stories, sing songs and strum guitars (the next best thing to Pa’s fiddle) into the wee hours. Anything could go, except electricity. Our plans never came into fruition…until last night.

By the time Hubby arrived home, Christmas decor was out and our candlelit house smelled of “holiday peppermint” and “cinnamon spice.” We ate Raisin Bran and PBJs rather than stew and maintained our modern attire, but the overall feeling was right. Rather than ache over the “low battery” sign on my laptop, lack of internet connection or blacked out TV, I felt relieved. We were safe and sound in a cozy place that felt a lot like Christmas.

When the power came back on about an hour later, we decided against watching TV. (Why mess with tranquility?) Though I’m more grateful than ever for technology, I foresee many intentional Ingalls-style nights in the future…

What have power outages taught you? Do you tend to make the most out of bum situations or do you morph into Scrooge? 😉