8 Surprising Facts About Female Orgasm

Happy National Orgasm Day! Nope, I didn’t make that up. Today folks across the country are celebrating the big and luscious O. Fabulous, right?

I thought I’d celebrate by sharing some tantalizing facts about Girl Boner-gasms. Check them out, then let me know what you think! I LOVE hearing from you. ♥


1. You could have one without realizing it. Don’t believe me? Listen to my episode on brain-gasms and my orgasm MRI. In short, some women mistake the feel-good sensations of climax with simply feeling good or, sadly, experience so much shame around sexuality that they don’t allow themselves to recognize or embrace what’s happening.

2. They’re POWERFUL! Unlike guys’ orgasms, which are also groovy, she-gasms send shimmery pleasure and elation throughout the whole body—from our heads to the tips of our toes. No wonder they help everything from pain and tension to low moods.

3. And contagious. Now there is something worth catching—yum. Our partners may literally get-off on our getting off. This is one reason men delight in facilitating orgasm meditation—the slow stimulation of a woman’s clit with the fingers alone.

4. Self-stimulation rocks! Did you know that self-sexy-TLC is the easiest way for most women to climax? It’s also a beautiful way to learn more about your body and connect more deeply with your partner, if you have one. I’m also a big fan of couple masturbation. Sharing in each other’s pleasure side-by-side or face-to-face without going pelvis-to-pelvis can be hot on multiple levels.

5. Some women climax through breath or thoughts alone. If a sexy dream has ever sent you over the edge physically, you’ve done so. You can also experience breath-gasms through tantric exercises, as I explored with Dawn Beck on Girl Boner® Radio this week.

6. Our attitudes count. Women who embrace their bodies and sexuality tend to have more frequent and stronger orgasms. This is one reason so many of us experiences greater intensity and fulfillment in the bedroom as we age. (Yes, that we peak in our 30s is a myth.)

7. It’s okay to desire or experience them more than your guy. As Dr. Megan said on my show recently, guys shouldn’t be expected to be superheroes in the bedroom. Similarly, we gals shouldn’t criticize ourselves if we desire sex more than our partner.

To learn more about females having higher sex drive, check out my latest column for The Good Men Project: When You Want Sex More Than He Does – What’s a Girl to Do?

8. There’s no right or best way to have one. Whether you climax frequently or some of the time, namely on the outside of your gorgeous body or deeper within, engage your G-spot or not or reach orgasm quickly or over time, you’re a-okay in that department. Our orgasms are as unique as we are, and 1000% embraceable.

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Which fact struck you most? What’s your favorite thing about she-gasms? How will you celebrate this glorious day?

#GirlBoner Quickie: 5 Fab Facts About the Big ‘O’

“No woman gets an orgasm from shining the kitchen floor. ” — Betty Friedan

I suppose that depends on how we go about it...

I suppose that depends on how we go about it…

Orgasm, derived from the Greek word orgasmos, is the sudden release of sexual tension during arousal. Arguably the world’s most enticing domino effect, it sets off all kinds of awesomeness, from pleasurable pelvic contractions to an overall sense of euphoria.

Hopefully you already knew that. Regardless, there’s so much more to learn about the female pleasure explosion. For today’s “quickie” (gotta love those!), I’ve chosen five facts I find fascinating. I hope they tickle your GB, too. 😉

5 Facts About Female Orgasm

1. Orgasms help minimize pain, due to the release of the brain chemical oxytocin. (Move over ibuprofen!) “Oxytocin facilitates bonding, relaxation and other positive emotional states,” says Lisa Stern, a nurse practitioner with Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles. The relief may not last long, she says, but even contemplating sex can have a similar effect.

2. Women hold the record for having the most orgasms, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The current leading lady had 134 orgasms in one hour. The longest known time spent masturbating to orgasm for a woman is 6 hours and 30 minutes. (Sheesh. That’s some serious sex-ercise.)

3. Most women, 70 to 80 percent based on various studies, require direct clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. Vaginal orgasms involving the G-spot are considered the most powerful, particularly when the clitoris is simultaneously stimulated. For these reasons, lying belly down during sex—clit to surface—increases orgasm likelihood.

4. Variety brings SPICE. Changing things up in the bedroom can lead to more frequent and pleasurable orgasms, according to Dr. Debbie Herbenick, a researcher at Indiana University and author of Because It Feels Good. Having vaginal plus oral sex, for example, is more likely to stimulate orgasm than one alone.

5. Girl-gasms improve with age! “Orgasm becomes easier with age,” Herbenick recently told Woman’s Day. “As an example, while 61 percent of women ages 18 to 24 experienced orgasm the last time they had sex, 65 percent of women in their 30s did and about 70 percent of women in their 40s and 50s did.” These increases are believed to derive from increased sexual experience, confidence, trust and intimacy.

Were you surprised by any of these tidbits? Which excites you most? Any related topics you’d like Girl Boner to investigate further? As always, I welcome respectful thoughts! ♥