#GirlBoner Hilarity: In Seek of Non-Sexist Jokes

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” – E.E. Cummings

Just before Christmas in Minnesota last year, my mom asked me to set up an electric Santa Clause as we were prepping for a party. I tried, but couldn’t get the jolly guy to light up. “I can’t figure it out,” I told my mom. Without hesitation she said, ” With the things you write about, one would think you could at least turn Santa on!” This, from the woman who’d barely said peep about my blog previously!

Indeed, laughter is a gift—and little makes me as laugh-happy as Girl Boner humor. Sadly, most of the sex-related humor available online is pretty sexist, depicting men as sex-crazed maniacs and women as sex-haters or dimwitted sluts. I drudged through lots of that in seek of truly funny, non-damaging jokes and e-cards that are legitimately funny, IMHO. Here’s a glimpse at what I found:

orgasm ecard 2

clitoris ecard

orgasm ecard

panties humor

sex woman ecard 1

vagina ecard

fake orgasm humor


For more giggles, check out these groovy links:

To learn more about my decision to give up sexist humor, read Why I Trashed My Blonde Card.

What do you think? Any LOL moments? (It’s okay if not. I admit, my Girl Boner is easily tickled… ;)) Which did you find funniest? Regardless, I’d love to hear your thoughts – and your jokes! If you have a non-sexist/derogatory joke or link to share, post away. You can also tweet (#GirlBoner) or share them on the Girl Boner Facebook page.