My Capricarius Birthday Wish

Capricarious: (noun) People born between December 18 and December 25; outgoing, driven, loving, adventurous, stubborn, impatient folks; a term I made up; me. Synonym: Sagicorn.

I have mixed feelings about astrology. Star signs, while intriguing, long seemed like hogwash to me, partly because I never fully fit into the capricorn-box. (Me, patient and inhibited? Not so much…) When I read about the Capricorn/Sagittarius cusp, though, I began to wonder; the descriptions really seem to incapsulate me. Regardless, I find it all fun and entertaining, occasionally too-spot-on to discount and respect all views regarding their validity. (How very Capri-pragmatic of me! 😉 )

Since today is my birthday, I’ve decided to make a wish:

I want everyone who reads this to take one bold step toward a dream. You don’t have to report back to me, though please feel free! I just want to give you all a little nudge, which is equal parts selfish and selfless. The whole world brightens when we live authentically and pursue our passions—in all aspects of our lives.

And because I’m a Capricarious, I want you to do it NOW or ASAP! Whatever you’re thinking of now that makes your heart pound or your palms sweat, step toward it. Do so with gusto and stop telling yourself you can’t, shouldn’t or lack what it takes to do so.

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Chances are you’re far more beautiful, courageous, talented and capable than you realize. Even if you weren’t, passion, hard work and perseverance are gold. They pave the way to whatever dreams we pursue, which would not be present in our hearts and minds if we lacked all it takes to fulfill them. That’s my humble opinion, but it’s also right! #TheSagittariusInMe

Whatever you do, please don’t let others’ thoughts or conventions stand in your way. Though I jest about sign blend-age, I believe with all my heart that we need not—should not—attempt to squeeze ourselves into any figurative box. The only label that counts is your name (your identity and passions) and whether or not you honor it authentically.

I love you all. Thanks for the ongoing support! ♥

Happy holidays! I’m off to eat cake… 😉

How are you like/unlike your astrological sign? Any other Capricarious/Sagicorns out there? Care to share your dream steps? I’m always eager to hear your thoughts!