Porn Addiction: It’s Not Just a Guy Thing

Porn addiction is on the rise for men, according to many publications—but what about women? It’s not like we use a different internet than guys or find sexy imagery less appealing. (If that last bit surprises you, check out my Huffington Post article, 3 Myths About Female Sexuality.)

I knew when porn addiction began cropping up readily in my work that more women had to be experiencing it than the masses realize. I can also see why women’s dependencies are less recognized or discussed. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Women are more prone to shame about sexual behaviors; shame makes it difficult to discuss them.
  • Historically, porn has been geared toward a straight male audience, which only increases the shame factor when women indulge. (What’s often considered “normal” for men, is seen as “dirty” for women.)
  • Many people assume that women aren’t relying on porn, so it’s less studied.

After interviewing Gabe Deem, a former porn addict turned counselor, and Rachel Khona, whose ex-boyfriend experienced porn-related sexual dysfunction, I began seeking women with similar issues to interview. The few I connected were too fearful to share their experiences, even anonymously. I certainly don’t blame them. One told me the dependency was ruining her life. Another revealed that her adolescent daughter shared her addiction—which is how she recognized her own.

Finally, I found a woman willing to share her story. In fact, she’d already done so beautifully before. The accomplished writer from Los Angeles, Erica Garza, joined me in the studio to share her journey through porn addiction, its impact on her life and how she’s begun to turn it all around. Her insight is some of the most poignant and important I’ve had the chance to share yet.

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For more resources and support regarding porn addiction, visit Gabe Deem’s brainchild, Reboot Nation.