It’s Time to Give #BodyThanks!

Next week, people across the country will be gathering together with loved ones to delight in decadent feasts and say thanks for the many blessings at their lives’ tables. If only all of the metaphorical dishes were pleasurable…

For many Americans, guilt and food-related stress overpower what's most important.

For many Americans, food and body-related stress overpowers what matters most during the holidays—but it doesn’t have to!

Amid the festivities, countless individuals will have stress-inducing thoughts of high-calorie sugarplums and compensatory workouts dancing chaotically in their heads. Overindulgence causes one-third of holiday stress, according to Mental Health America, and an estimated 90 percent of women (and many men) are dissatisfied with their shape or size, making feast enjoying difficult. My fabulous friend, Pauline Campos, creator of Girl Body Pride and advice columnist for Latina Magazine, and I have decided to set a happier tone this Thanksgiving by hosting a #BodyThanks Twitter party on Monday, November 25th from 6 – 7pm PST.

In addition to our wacky word-loving work styles and passion for all-things-empowerment, Pauline and I share a special bond: we’ve both endured serious eating disorders and have since evolved into stronger, more fulfilled (okay, and louder! ;)) women. Our shared message that bodies are meant to be EMBRACED is fun, but it’s also important; we believe that a shift from body shunning to gratitude could help change or even save a few lives. But we can’t do it alone.

Our Mission:

It’s our hope that by partying Twitter-style on Monday, the kickoff to Thanksgiving week, participants suffering from body or food-related angst will enjoy Thanksgiving with less negativity and a heck of lot more joy. Whether you have mild, moderate or significant body image issues, chances are chatting with a gaggle of gratitude-celebrating friends can add light to your week. We hope you’ll join us!

body image party

What you can expect:

  • Stimulating chit chat and question prompts
  • Fun contests with PRIZES!
  • Engagement with special guests, including Emme, the supermodel, and Andy Lyons, radio show host and Chief Passion Curator of Bring Back Desire
  • Silliness (It’s bound to happen!)
  • And there may just be a little after-party for those who linger… 😉
A sneak peek at a few prizes!

A sneak peek at a few prizes!

For more information on Monday’s event and your friendly hostesses, visit our #BodyThanks Facebook event page, Tweet us (@AugstMcLaughlin @Pauline_Campos #BodyThanks) and check out Pauline’s fantastic blog post: Honoring Ourselves with #BodyThanks. We can’t wait to party with you all soon! 

Will you be joining us? How do you stay peaceful and stress-free throughout the holidays? Any tips for bypassing food or body image-related difficulties? I hope you know that your comments rock my world.