200th Post Link + Love Party!

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” — Oprah Winfrey

Does your life ever feel, oh I don’t know…slightly hectic? I can hear some of you laughing. (“Ever? How ’bout hectic is my middle name?”) I get that. For the most part, I prefer life that way—staying busy and doing work I adore. At times for all of us, though, the load can seem so heavy, it’s no longer about having a lot on our plate, but feeling as though there’s no plate large or sturdy enough to support it all.

I was feeling that way recently when news arrived that sucked the wind out of my stresses. My husband’s grandmother was extremely ill, and it was time to visit her one last time.

If platonic love-at-first-sight exists, I felt it with Grandma Tovar. I met her at her 80-something-th birthday party in El Paso, to which she wore a shimmery black dress with a diamond pendant, her eyes more sparkly than her jewels. She was always that sparkly—cracking jokes, brightening spirits, giving advice and telling stories—until very near the end. She passed away on Sunday, and will be greatly missed.


The one thing I’ll probably remember most about Grandma T. was her ability to embrace and celebrate life. Well after a successful career and raising four children, she stayed active. She read constantly, took up harmonica lessons and bowling just last year, learned from her mistakes and was never too proud to admit or laugh at them. She had friends of all ages, related to most everyone and maintained a sharp, open mind. (She even talked to me about Girl Boners, but I promised I wouldn’t get into that. ;)) And given the slightest window of opportunity, the woman partied like crazy.

I’d considered skipping a blog post this week, regardless of my plan for a 200th post celebration. But how could I skip a party with Grandma T., the party QUEEN, profoundly in my thoughts? She’d NEVER bypass such an opportunity. If she’d been a writer, her blog would have been overflowing with virtual martinis, mariachi singers, fabulous food and colorful dancers.

In honor of Grandma T., and the 200 posts many of you have so graciously supported, let’s play music, don our sparkly duds and paaarty—keeping in mind that every day holds a reason to celebrate, no matter how crazed we may feel.

How to play:

In the comments below, share a link to one of your blog posts and one to another’s post that really struck you. While you’re at it, tell me your favorite party drink! Stick around or pop back later to check out others’ links. It’s a great way to mix, mingle and make new friends. Remember to click “like,” comment, share and/or follow blogs you really dig. Let’s get the sparkly support flowing…

explosion of love

Huge THANKS to all of you, for your ongoing support. ♥  May you always find ways to savor the storm.

*Party idea inspired by Chuck Wendig.

100th Post Pimp and Promote Party

My blog is stepping into the triple-digits in posts. Can you believe it? I’m excited, and so is sweet Roberta over there. She’s so pumped, she lit up!

To celebrate, YOU’RE INVITED to pimp your own work and promote another’s. HOOORAH!

Special thanks to Chuck Wendig, who I believe created the concept, and Jenny Hansen for introducing me to it. (You’re both kick-butt party-lovin’ awesome!)

And now…

Here are the rules:

1. PIMP: Share a link to a blog post, book or other venture you’re stoked about.

2. PROMOTE: Share a link to a pal’s post, book or other work you think ROCKS.

3. MINGLE: Have fun checking out others’ links, while the rest of the partygoers enjoy yours. Feel free to pop by later or over the next few days to catch links of the fashionably late. ;)

I’ll start by pimping THIS POST, and promoting one of my newest favorite authors—M.G. Miller. His award-winning novel, Bayou Jesus, is one of the most beautiful, compelling books I’ve ever read. Ever. To quote my friend, Kourtney, it is “unputdownable,” and a sure-fire literary classic that reads with page-turner suspense. The writing is breathtaking, the story and characters inspiring. I simply can’t say enough about this book or M.G. Miller’s artistry.

M.G. is also an incredibly supportive writer, equally passionate for people and his craft—which says a lot. I could go on and on… Instead, I’ll refer you to his links. :)

Please visit M.G. Miller’s website, where you can read his terrific blog, follow him on Twitter and learn about his upcoming releases. (They’re darker than Bayou Jesus, says Miller, about which thriller-lovers like me are stoked.)

To purchase Bayou Jesus for Kindle for only 99-cents, visit Amazon.com. It’s FREE for Prime members. I suspect you’ll be mighty glad you did.

Thanks, all of you, for making blogging such a wonderful experience. I hope you keep having at least an ounce of the fun I have.