The Beauty of Blurting and Undies Gone Wild

Ever feel like this?

One moment you’re enjoying a casual conversation. A beat later, your hand flies to your mouth—as though covering it might erase the inappropriate words it emitted or prevent further damage. But, it’s too late. The person before you blushes a deep magenta, turns sheet-white or worse.

Yes, blurting can be damaging to ourselves and others. And trust me, I’ve experienced enough of both. I’m happy to say that maturity, practice and mindfulness have minimized my own blurting risks immeasurably. But I don’t think all blurting is bad. In researching for this post, I realized there are very few—practically zilch—positives about blurting on the web. So I thought I’d open my big mouth blurt some out myself.

Blurting is honest. 

Having grown up in the midwest, where concealing potentially hurtful truths is often the norm, I appreciate honesty big time. Given the choice, I’ll take a Simon Cowell-like critic over a “nice” one any day. When ultra-honest people share feedback, we can trust it, often allowing us to grow. While speaking our minds continually and around certain people can be hurtful, blurting helps keep us from bottling feelings up. (If you’re not a blurter, or a recovering one ;), I recommend morning pages or therapy as useful ways of getting things off your chest.)

Blurting can reduce stress.

Yes, blurting can also cause stress. But letting thoughts fly in private, out loud can provide crazy awesome stress relief. Back in my acting days, my coach suggested we get all of my frustrations out before auditions by yelling them out in our cars. By clearing the brain, we end up more relaxed. Just make sure you’re well out of others’ hearing range, unless you’d prefer to scare passersby away.

Blurting can be FUNNY.

In hindsight, and sometimes straight away, sharing un-premeditated thoughts can provide hilarious entertainment. Here is a personal example, in honor of National Underwear Day.

I was living in New York, working in the fashion industry, when one of my roommates convinced me to out clubbing. We’d both participated in a lengthy photo shoot featuring Calvin Klein undergarments. She was sick of seeing me sitting around reading on Friday nights, and I was sick of her pleads. Plus, we had a few takeaways from the shoot—a serious rarity—and our makeup and hair was already party-ready done. So why not?

We ended up at a lounge-type-club in midtown, chock full of NYC’s hottest socialites and swooning jazz music with a subtle techno beat. I spotted a familiar face across the room and filled with enthusiasm—none other than Mr. Klein himself! (Normally I don’t think much about designers, but CK is one of my faves.)

I rushed toward him. The moment the music dropped to near-silent, I blurted, “I’m wearing your underwear!” at the top of my lungs.

My roommate whisked me aside, but not before I caught distasteful looks from CK’s entourage. Mr. Klein himself seemed borderline amused. My roomie, not so much.

On the happy side, I left with a funny story (perhaps CD did, too) and my roommate never pestered about clubbing again.

Also in honor of National Underway Day, the “undies” in this photo are made out of film strip. Not remotely comfy, FYI.

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So…blurt away. 😉 What hilariousness have you experienced thanks to you or someone else blurting things out? What are the wackiest undies you’ve worn?