Hot and Hungry: 6 Signs of Female Sexual Arousal

“Arousal begins within the mind, then seeps out where fantasy propels physicality.”  — Kristie LeVangie

Do you remember the first time you were sexually turned on? I don’t. But I do recall when my internal crush-struck butterflies began flapping their wings during grade school and boys stimulated more giddy perspiration than disgust. Then something foggy and confusing known as adolescence happened. (Hmm…) During high school, I remember feeling insanely turned on by my first serious boyfriend. Even when the relationship became sexual, I had little clue about the specifics of what I was feeling. The unquestionable mix of curiosity, intrigue and supercharged hormones, I quickly called love.

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Girl Boner Sexual Arousal August McLaughlin

Giddy butterflies + whoppers of orgasms = BLISS!

Confusing lust or general horniness for emotional connect and love are mistakes many of us make early on. How can we differentiate when most of us scarcely understand our sexuality at all? Add the facts that female sexual arousal is less straightforward and varied than men’s, discussion of personal sexuality remains fairly taboo and female sexuality wasn’t even studied until fairly recently and its mysterious is, well, no mystery.

Even with the aforementioned odds stacked against us, maturity and experience often bring clarity. (Thank  flipping’ goodness!) We ideally learn much about our bodies and their supreme abilities to be turned on and experience mind-blowing, gratifying pleasure. We learn what stokes our frisky fires and puts them out and hopefully share wondrous sexual intimacy not only with ourselves, but with trusted partners. Love and lust need not always pair up, but it’s pretty dang wondrous when they do!

While different strokes (scrumptious pun!) work for different folks and we all display arousal* a bit differently, here are some common ways it shows.

*Some women aren’t fully aware of their arousal, particularly if haven’t learned to fully embrace their sexuality. If you’re one of them, please check out Sexual Confidence: How to Feel Sexier Naked and Solo Sex and Body Image for some tips and inspiration!

6 Signs of Girl Boner Giddiness (i.e., We’re Turned On!)

1. We start fantasizing. You know what I’m talking about ladies! You’re sitting across the dinner table from your beloved and suddenly he isn’t wearing a sweater and chomping on pizza, but naked and licking his sexy lips. No, YOUR sexy lips. Yum! You really, really want some…

2. We have wanton eyes. There’s a reason Hungry Eyes is among the most sexually arousing tunes, according to a Spotify study. Our fantasies and wants can’t help but show in our eyes—for some of us more than others. If a lover locks eyes with us meanwhile, we’ll want him or her even more. Our pupils may dilate as our Girl Boners grow.

3. We use want-filled words. Depending on our comfort level and personality type, we may use words to subtly or overtly essentially say I WANT SEX! If there’s any confusion about your arousal level, talking is arguably the most powerful tool for clarification. Make sure to keep your words positive when communicating arousal to your partner. “I’d love to see you naked right now” will work much better than a frustrated, “Can you not tell that I’m turned on?!?

Girl Boner arousal woman

4. We reach out and touch. This one also varies with personality, a topic I’ll likely explore here soon. Regardless, touch is a  powerful, natural and nearly involuntary way to express sexual desire. Touching a partner in intimate places—areas not often touched by others, such as the inner thigh, or even touching his hand or cheek often shows turn-on. If we venture into the crotch area—NEON FLASHING LIGHTS! 😉

5. We arch our backs. (The mere thought makes me want to purr…) Many of us naturally arch our backs during arousal, which exaggerates particularly sensual body parts, such as our rears and breasts. It also creates a sort of “come hither” physique that can turn both parties on. This can all happen during foreplay, sex and even casual exchanges, such as chatting with your lover.

6. We lick our lips, blush, swell and moisten! As we discussed in Girl Boner Physiology: The Female Body Turned On, our bodies work all kinds of magic in the form of added wetness and swelling as we move from turned on to lovemaking and ooh-la-la orgasm. These shifts derive from increased blood flow to our sexual organs and the brain signaling us to prepare for kissing, cuddling, intercourse and so much more.

Girl Boner arousal woman

Hot, right? Simply talking about sex and sensuality can be a turn on—as it should be! If you haven’t started chit chatting with your partner about the ins and outs of your sexual relationship or explored your own sexual needs and wants fully, there is no time like the present. Start where you feel comfortable then take baby steps or larger leaps ahead as you’re ready, understanding that sexuality is a journey and an adventure that we should enjoy throughout our lives.

What’s our most obvious arousal sign? Have you observed your arousal state? (If not, I highly recommend it!) How do you and your partner communicate about arousal and whether to have sex? Any items to add or questions to share? I love hearing your respectful thoughts!