Writing Paw Prints: Which Pooch Are You?

Given the skills, would Snowball write like him, too?

According to ASPCA, every dog has a canine-ality, the way we humans have personalities. They’ve even established assessment criteria to help you determine your best pooch match.

Of the many special dogs I’ve had in my life, a few top the charts. Each one relates to a writing personality, in my humble non-professional opinion. Keeping in mind that I’m not a psychologist—i.e., I may be way off!—which one sounds like you? (FYI, dog comparisons are huge compliments in my book. You’re welcome!!! ;))

Nikki: The Savvy Spaniel
I fell in love with dogs because of Nikki. In her illustrious 13 years, she fulfilled her role as family dog—playing, exercising and tending to her humans—to a tee. When she had puppies, though, nothing came before them. She was a loving caregiver, through and through.

Nikki reminds me of you writers who wear multiple hats—parent, teacher, student, full-time day gigger, blogger, novelist. (The list goes on…) You’re a natural teacher, giver and friend. If you have a downside, it’s your tendency to please others before and more so than yourself. Lucky for all of us, your compassionate, loving nature radiates in your work, and you pass your creativity and stories on to others.

Eunice: The Tenacious Trooper
My friends, Tom and Heidi, lovingly took Eunice in after she was injured and abandoned. Though she was already upward in years and her back legs no longer worked, she was one of the happiest, sweetest dogs I’ve encountered. A lover of all-things-edible, this beagle could hunt down and snatch up any morsel in the neighborhood—no matter how much time or effort it took.

If you are a tenacious trooper, you pursue your creative goals with fierce determination. You plod along slowly, but smartly; every step counts and rushing seems impossible. You see the challenges life throws your way as opportunities and never, ever give up. You have a hearty appetite for life and take time to enjoy the sunshine. Though you may feel that accomplishments seldom come easy, Eunice’s legacy is proof that your work will pay off.

Zoe: The Determined Dasher
Some might call Zoe my furry other half. She’s about that big. When I first adopted her, she’d sprint after squirrels at the park, only to leave me “skiing” behind her. (Picture a waterskier on dirt, and a dog in place of the boat.) She’s determined, passionate and fast—when she wants to be. When she doesn’t, it’d be easier to sway a concrete wall. Much like her owner *clears throat* accomplishing feats she’s disinterested in takes discipline and reinforcement. (Yep, I’m totally buying new jeans once I finish my taxes…)

If you’re a determined dasher, you pursue your goals with gusto supreme. You enter writing furies and could stay there for weeks on end. When faced with a deadline, you meet it, probably early. Without some discipline, your passionate nature could cause you pain, and patience doesn’t come easy. That same passionate, go-getter attitude keeps you moving forward and opens doors. As long as you guide with logic and remind yourself to take breaks, you do just fine.

So I’m dying to know. Does a particular pooch resonate with you? If not, what pet or animal matches your creative style?

Speaking of dogs, a quick shout out to author/blogger/animal behavior extraordinaire, Amy Shojai who landed a publishing deal for her thriller, Lost and Found. CONGRATS, AMY! Check out her fantastic blog here.

‘Yes’ to Suspense

Hi! And thank you for visiting my blog. In addition to reading and writing—namely suspense/fiction, I love connecting with other readers and writers ‘o plenty.

I’ll start by posing this question: What is suspense? According to our trusty pal Webster:

sus·penseNoun/səˈspens/ 1. A state or feeling of excited or anxious uncertainty about what may happen. 2. A quality in a work of fiction that arouses excited expectation or uncertainty about what may happen.

Shouldn’t all stories fulfill these purposes? In my humble opinion, yes. Case in point: Anita Shreve is one of my favorite writers. Her books, although not categorized within the suspense genre, keep us guessing…wondering…flipping page after page…

What do you think?