Sleep-gasms: Female Nocturnal Orgasms and Wet Dreams

I had an incredibly erotic experience the other night. I dreamed I met a man in a bar and without saying a word, began riding his leg. Within what seemed like moments, I climaxed so intensely that it jolted me awake. My handsfree orgasm lingered as I laid there in my PJs, my heart and vagina pulsing, as wet as though I’d been rigorously sexually active for hours. Who knows? Perhaps I had.

This wasn’t my first nocturnal orgasm, but it was definitely the most powerful I recall. Thank you, research! I’d watched an intriguing TED presentation by Mary Roach, author of BONK, called 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasm, the evening prior. (Manning Girl Boner Central has so. Many. Perks!) Add an active imagination and all sorts of things open up—YUM! but no pun intended. 😉

I love the fact that I can savor and share such experiences without shame and discuss them with you all here. I also love the empowerment embracing our sexuality brings to all who seek it. The more we step into, respect and savor our sexuality, the better able we become to connect with and delight in it, making way for fuller, more authentic lives. Seems like an orgasmic dream-come-true to me.

Authenticity is SEXY, no matter what it looks like.

Authenticity is SEXY, no matter what it looks like.

“Women have sleep-gasms?” I recall wondering years ago, well before beginning my research into sexuality or launching Girl Boner. Indeed we do! If you’ve wondered yourself about the erotic phenomena, consider the following.

5 Facts About Female Sleep-gasms and Wet Dreams

1. They’re common. In 1953, sexuality researcher Alfred Kinsey, Ph.D found that nearly 40% of the 5,628 women he interviewed experienced at least one nocturnal orgasm or wet dream (technically called “nocturnal emissions”) by age 45. Considering how little women were encouraged to embrace their sexuality or speak about it back then, I’m guessing the numbers are far greater.

2. And recurrent. About 85% of women who orgasm during sleep do so several times per year, according to more recent findings published in the Journal of Sex Research. Now that’s a recurrent dream worth keeping! I’d much prefer night-gasms to flying or stalker dreams—wouldn’t you?

3. They start early. Like boys, many girls experience wet dreams during adolescence. If you have a daughter, sex and relationships expert and author Laura Berman, Ph.D. recommends discussing nighttime orgasms with her when she reaches the 5th or 6th grade to prevent any shame or confusion and to enhance her sense of self.

4. You may not realize you’ve had them. Mid-sleep orgasms usually take place during REM sleep, according to Dr. Barbara Bartlik, a psychiatrist and sex therapist in New York, when we’re deepest asleep and blood flow to our genitals peaks. Unless you’re woken meanwhile, you’re unlikely to recall the orgasm or any coinciding dream. Unlike men, who consistently ejaculate, our evidence can be less apparent.

5. There’s no shame in having, or not having, them. Sexy dreams, wet or dry, can be an outlet for sexual expression. They’re also believed to symbolize intimate connections with one’s self or others, according to DreamCloud. That said, having them doesn’t make us normal or abnormal, better or worse sexually or otherwise. There should be no shame in having or not having erotic dreams or orgasms during the day or night. If you do experience them, however, I highly recommend embracing them.

Have you had nocturnal orgasms or wet dreams? Which fact above most struck you? I love hearing your thoughts! For more Girl Boner fun, be sure to scope out the Girl Boner Facebook page, connect with me on Twitter and tune in to Girl Boner Radio. Today I’ll be interviewing the incomparable Cindy Gallop, of Make Love, Not Porn. ♥


Addie Vincent and Mia Isabella: Taking the Taboos Out of Trans*

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” — Carl Jung

How often do you think about authenticity? Along with passion, there’s little I value more. If I’d had any doubt that being true to ourselves is the pathway to a better world and an overall fulfilling existence, my latest guests on Girl Boner Radio would’ve doused it.

I was crazy honored to chat with two inspiring members of the trans* community on Monday: Addie Vincent, a trans-queer college senior, “gender bender” and outspoken activist, and Mia Isabella, a transexual adult entertainer who’s rapidly become the positive role model she for many years lacked.

If you’ve ever wondered what might happen if you listened to that inner-nudge telling you life would be more wondrous if only you pursued a particular passion or stepped fully and openly into who you truly are, trust me—you’re in for a treat!

While we focused largely on issues affecting the trans* community, which is reason enough to support them, their insight and messages of self-acceptance, respect and empowerment are universal.

To listen to the show, visit Taking the Taboo Out of Trans* on iTunes. 

Addie Vincent and Mia Isabella

Addie Vincent and Mia Isabella prove that our differences make us beautiful.

To learn more about Addie, visit Addie Vincent for Delta Queen 2014 on Facebook. Addie tweets from @AddieVincent92. For more about Mia Isabella, check out her adult website,, and connect with her on Twitter: @THEMiaIsabella. I know they’d love to hear from you! As would I. 🙂

What did you think of the show? What insight from Addie or Mia stood out most? How might you move more fully into your authentic self? ♥ 



The Day My #GirlBoner Died: Sexlessness, Anorexia and a Call for Stories

“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”  ― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

Start straight for business

It’s difficult to pin down exactly when my Girl Boner vanished, but I do recall when I noticed. I was in my late teens and had left my Minnesota hometown to work as a model in Manhattan. While I hadn’t yet been diagnosed, I’d recently developed the primary symptoms of anorexia: a dangerously slight body I perceived as too large, a hyper-fixation on food and weight control and an intense fear of added pounds. My high school boyfriend “Max” and I were maintaining a long-distance relationship, and I’d flown back to Minneapolis for a visit.

A Halloween party. Cat Woman. Grapes. Gossipy whispers. Almost sex.

That’s virtually all I remember. Max had invited me to a costume bash at a coworker’s house, and I’d dressed as Cat Woman. Rather than embrace the sensual, powerful disposition of the feline superhero as I’ve done in healthy years since, I felt equally invisible and exposed. As the food-filled festivities ensued, I hid within the all-black getup, sensing others’ stares and murmurs as though observing critics ripping apart a one-woman show. “Will she eat anything?” one person whispered. Another snickered. “Look! She’s eating grapes.” I still don’t know if those voices were real or imagined. Anorexia has a peculiar way of distorting comments, glances, the whole world. But they were very real to me.

At some point, while sitting on a sofa clutching a grape I’d grappled over eating, I fell asleep—something I’d never been particularly skilled at when I tried. As I slept, I occasionally perceived more mumbled criticism, concern and snarky laughter. I was the boring girl who’d fallen asleep.

By the time Max jostled me awake, the party was wrapping up and most of the attendees had left. While I couldn’t tell you the make or model of his car, I vividly recall the stench of stale, fatty French fries in the air. We headed to his place, both anticipating having sex. I had been away for months, after all, and we’d both been longing for closeness. What I hadn’t realized was that my longing had more to do with fear, loneliness and loss of self, and that sex was the last thing my body wanted. Though my emotions said, YES, PLEASE! Take me away into erotic oblivion, my body wanted nothing but food I was resisting and sleep.

In the dimness of the room I’d demanded, the comforting feel of his strong, warm body was fleeting. I moaned to cover the sound of my stomach rumbling as he entered me, going through the motions as though playing a game of lovemaking charades. It felt a lot like modeling, actually—doing my best to appear alluring and engaged, a natural fit for my artificial circumstances, hiding behind a makeup mask while aiming to please. But before cameras I felt powerful. Here, I felt foolish and afraid.

I used the term “almost sex” earlier because I’m not sure it’s lovemaking if only one person is really there. I suppose I was his masturbation tool and he was my time passage, a bit of extra calorie-burn and food avoidance who could never fill the kind of void I was becoming. I couldn’t yet wrap my brain around what was truly happening, largely because anorexia is all-consuming. I shunned myself for not “performing” better for him, completely ignorant to the fact that I, the young woman who’d loved sex even amid her historic body shame, could no longer want for something as natural as air. When he, perhaps we, were finished, he slept and I laid there overcome by a sad sense of blankness. But at least I hadn’t eaten (said E.D.).

Anorexia starves the soul, body and appetite, and not merely of food. Bit by bit, it steals a woman’s femininity and her hunger for life, withholding her not merely from filling out physically, but living as largely as she deserves. On a smaller but no less significant scale, dieting, health-food and fitness obsessions and poor body image can cause the same.

Since recovering from my eating disorder and regaining my Girl Boner (and all its glory!), I’ve been struck by the fact that most elite models, who many women strive to emulate with hopes of appearing sexier, meet the diagnostic criteria for anorexia. In other words, they don’t possess the sexiness they sell—they can’t. I’ve also learned that body image, self-care and sexuality are inseparable. When one part of the triangle suffers, they all do.

Immeasurably grateful for my own recovery, I’ve made it my life’s mission to help fix these broken triangles. When we embrace and nurture our bodies, emotional selves and sexuality, we feel capable, free, unstoppable and alive. And you know what? We are.

A Call for Stories

If you agree and would like to help make a difference, here’s a way you can! I’m working on a special project related to these issues. If you or someone you know has worked in the fashion/entertainment industry and grappled with poor body image, an eating disorder, obsessive weight control and/or related sexual challenges and would be willing to discuss these experiences with me, let me know in the comments below or via email (augustmclaughlin at gmail dot com) with “Interview” in the subject line. Anyone who participates can optionally remain anonymous and will be contributing to something truly beautiful.

Fashion experience or not, do you relate to my story? How has your body image influenced your sexuality? Whatever your thoughts, I’d love to hear them! 


Sex Tips From Gigolos Star Nick Hawk: More Than Meets the Eye

“I like to be close, intimate and wrapped up in a ball of hot sex.” — Nick Hawk

Yowza, right? As many of you know, I had the pleasure of interviewing Nick Hawk, a star of Showtime’s Gigolos, for Girl Boner Radio last week. I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to interview someone whose career focuses on female sexual pleasure! I can only imagine how many Girl Boners he’s ignited… *rushes off to daydream*

While Nick is perhaps best known for his role as a sexy celebrity escort, there’s much more to him than that. The Wisconsin native had a wrestling career, entered the air force and worked as a stripper and bartender while earning an English degree before Gigolos producers approached him in 2010. He prides himself in living life to the fullest and has recently added coaching men on sex and dating and authoring educational books to the mix.

Nick was kind enough to carry our interview on via email. To listen to part one of our interview, pop over to this link on iTunes:

Girl Boner Radio: Tantalizing Tips, Turn-Ons and Sex Toys with Gigolos Star Nick Hawk

Nick Hawk Gigolos


August: What simple steps can a man take to help his lover feel more comfortable and confident sexually?

Nick: As my Sexpert website states right on the top, “honesty and respect are the keys to a happy relationship.”  Sincerity and HONEST compliments will make her more comfortable and confident. This shouldn’t be challenging or you’re with the wrong person. You might get into the mindset that it goes without saying but if you notice she is in a good mood or something about them is turing you on. Let them know! And when you’re in bed with them, tell them when they do something right. Let them know you’re enjoying it and how hot they look when they do it. If you’re there for her mentally, she’ll be there for you physically.

August: Many women seem to feel uncomfortable expressing their sexual wants and needs. Any tips for easing that angst?

Nick: This is a challenge for everyone but we are moving into a more sexually advanced society and a society where most people don’t feel as if they’re doing something wrong exploring, maybe something that in the past was considered abnormal, sexual desires. And we can go back to the previous question because you have to make your woman feel comfortable enough for her to talk to you about them. Being honest with her and telling her about yours will help as well.

August: What’s one of your favorite sex positions? What do you love about it?

Nick: Besides the “Nick Hawk?”  I would have to say the one I named “The Lover” in my sex position book. I like to be close, intimate and wrapped up in a ball of hot sex. I also love skin-on-skin contact and breasts in my face.

August: My imagination thanks you! You all make us laugh a lot on Gigolos. What’s one of your funniest sexual experiences?

Nick: My goal in everything I do in life is to make it fun. That was what I wanted and expected from day one of Gigolos, my sex toy line, my music and of course giggling. I’m ecstatic Gigolos is a comedy that makes people laugh and gives people a more positive perspective about dating and sex. As for sexual experiences, the ones that are most fun are when you can goof off a little bit and maybe try some weird kinky shit. If you go into anything with the right attitude you’re going to have fun with it. I think it’s a riot having sex in public and fleeing the scene as well. An elevator incident comes to mind.


Don’t you love the way he tells us just enough to send our thoughts whirling and wanting for more??? Huge thanks to Nick for sharing his time and insight with us. To learn more about the celebrity gigolo, gain his sex-pertise, order his sex toys and more, visit You can also connect with Nick on twitter: @TheNickHawk.

Any thoughts to share with Nick? What did you think of our interviews? What’s YOUR favorite sex position? Are you a Gigolos fan? I love hearing from you! ♥ 


Your Morning Glory: Coffee, Sex or Bacon?

 coffee or sex love

According to a recent study conducted by Le Meridien Hotels and Resorts, many folks would rather love coffee than a partner in the morning, IYKWIM. After surveying 7,455 male and female coffee drinkers from the U.S., China, France, Dubai, India and Germany, researchers found that 53% of the participants would rather wake up to hot java than hot sex. (They also chose coffee over other recreational activities, such as perusing Facebook.) Seventy-eight percent of participants claimed they would rather give up sex with their spouse for an entire year than surrender their morning coffee habit. (What?!?) Perhaps it’s not that shocking…

Four reasons people might choose morning coffee over morning sex:

They’re caffeine-addicted, and can’t function well without it. Caffeine is the most widely used behaviorally active drug worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. Eighty to 90% of adults in N. America report regular caffeine intake, with an average equivalent of one to two standard mugs of coffee per day in the U.S. If you experience foggy thinking, irritability, headaches or nausea if your morning coffee is delayed, you’ve grown dependent. These symptoms of caffeine withdrawal, which has recently been added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as a condition, can definitely tinker with libido.

They’re sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation is epidemic in the U.S. The National Health Interview Survey showed that 30% of adults reported sleeping 6 or fewer hours per night between 2006 and 2007—and most of us need 7 to 8 nightly hours. Even an hour of sleep loss can have major detrimental effects, which is another topic entirely. From a sexual standpoint, getting enough sleep is important because exhaustion is the leading cause of low-sex drive. It only makes sense that morning caffeine, sleep loss and disinterest in sex go hand-in-hand.

They just REALLY. LOVE. COFFEE! And/or aren’t likely having frequent or mind-blowing sex anyway. Coffee may seem to trump sex if your sex life is lackluster, which can stem from a whole variety of factors, but there’s really no comparison between coffee’s flavor and pick-me-up perks  and the orgasmic euphoria of S-E-X. Both offer wellness benefits, but very few activities promote as much physical and emotional pluses as sensual play and climax.

They want to feel refreshed before getting down and dirty decadent. I can relate to this one. I generally prefer to at least empty my bladder and brush my teeth before engaging in morning sex. And if I wake up mentally hyper (a fairly frequent occurrence), I may need to run a quick lap beforehand. :)) If coffee is part of your wake up and face the day ritual, it makes sense that you might desire a cup or two before having sex. If you end up in a time crunch, having to choose one or the other, I recommend setting the timer on your coffee pot and moving it closer to your bedroom.

What about bacon?

I had to add bacon to the mix! When I posted this photo on the Girl Boner Facebook page, I was amazed by how many commenters voted for bacon! Only one other female and I said sex, hands down. Many guys demanded both.

morning sex blog

I’ll admit, I don’t quite get the whole bacon craze that’s been happening lately. I don’t much like or eat it, partly for ethical reasons. Regardless of those…it’s just salty, aromatic meat! (Um…)

Apparently, many people disagree with me. A survey conducted by Maple Leaf Foods, Inc. showed that 43% of Canadians would choose bacon over sex, given the choice. Eighty-two percent of the respondents who reportedly love bacon also claimed to be great lovers, and 81 percent found bacon to be romantic. The meat’s aroma was a big draw for males.

What say you


Do you find it odd that many people reportedly enjoy morning coffee or bacon over sex? Are you one of them? How do you feel about morning sex overall? What other food/drink do you love nearly or as much as sex? I love hearing your thoughts! ♥

Creating Clit Bliss: 3 Simple Steps (For Any Sensitivity Level)

For many women, clitoral stimulation paves the way to orgasm—yet many of us have little clue as to how to stimulate them early on, if ever. If your own knowledge is sparse, you’re far from alone. Clitoral structure and function weren’t deeply analyzed until the 1990s, and the size and scope of the organ wasn’t known until urologist Dr. Helen O’ Connell released research findings in 1998. (Thank God for her!) In other words, the entire world has much to learn.


So what is that shape and scope? Not the tiny knob many people think. “The vaginal wall is, in fact, the clitoris,” O’Connell, told the BBC in 2006. “If you lift the skin off the vagina on the side walls, you get the bulbs of the clitoris – triangular, crescental masses of erectile tissue.”

That’s right! ERECTILE tissue! A major physiological component of the Girl Boner. But enough history class for now. Today we’re going to explore ways to gain ample pleasure from your clit, whether yours has typical or particularly high sensitivity.

3 Ways to Cultivate Clitoral Bliss

1. Help him find it. Particularly if you’re heterosexual, your partner may not exactly where your clitoris is. If you want him to stimulate your clit, yet he tends to steer clear or give it too little attention, guide his hand to it during foreplay or share a sexy hint. Cosmopolitan recommends saying, “You’re so good at rubbing my clitoris in circular motions with your fingertips…it gets me really turned on.”  Not only are you telling the truth but uplifting him, making him more likely to adore your clit with glee. Another fab way to help him find it? SHOW him. There’s little sexier than a little demo. Masturbate together, showing each other what you love.

2. Lube it and squeeze! A quality personal lubricant can enhance clitoral pleasure, whether you’re engaging in sex with a partner or solo. (For tips on choosing the ideal lubrication, check out my recent Sexual Wellness News article, Your Perfect Match.) Once you’ve applied or created your own sensual lube, sex coach Sean Jamison recommends taking your clit bliss further with a squeeze! “It’s so powerful, despite the fact that it’s an indirect clitoris stimulation technique,” he says. You know what this means? Clitoral squeezing is ideal for those of us with highly sensitive clitorises. (Woot!) You basically grasp, squeeze and move the folds of skin covering your clit with your thumb and forefingers.

3. Play with positions. Sexuality and relationships expert Dr. Laura Berman recommends trying different positions that provide direct clitoral stimulation, such as the woman on top, or that let you self-stimulate, such as having your partner behind you. By pressing your clit on your partner’s body, the bed, a pillow or what-have-you, you’ll stimulate blood flow and physical pleasure while increasing your likelihood of orgasm. The key word is “play.” Have fun and experiment with various positions, observing what feels best.

To learn more about clitoral sensitivity, orgasm meditation and an empowering play based on writer/producer Jean Franzblau’s personal experience, check out my latest Girl Boner Radio episode, The Highly Sensitive Clitoris. After chatting with me, Jean read her winning contribution to the Beauty of a Woman BlogFest, Girl Boner Edition—”A Love Letter to my Clit”—on the air. You don’t want to miss it!

Girl Boner radio

What do you think of the tips above? Any tips to add? If you listened to my chat with Jean, what did you think? (Isn’t she FABULOUS???) I love hearing your thoughts! ♥

Empowering Female Sexuality Quotes: A #GirlBoner #BOAW3 Wrap-up


I spend much of my time immersed in sexuality research, which includes sorting through the overload of damaging misinformation on the web. Quotes that empower women sexually are particularly difficult to find. To say that last Monday was a breath of fresh air by comparison is a massive understatement! I was and remain struck by BOAW Girl Boner contributors’  eagerness to share incredibly personal stories and insight on female sexuality.

HUGE THANKS to all of you who participated in the Beauty of a Woman BlogFest Girl Boner Edition! Rather than share more of my own thoughts on the fest, I thought it appropriate to wrap the fest up with words from the festers themselves. The following lines are some of many that most stood out to me. (Thanks, Jen, for choosing one from mine!)

If anyone should find this page and desire to quote one of these women in a blog post or article, please attribute and link the quote up appropriately. For the full post a quote derived from, click on the sayer’s name.

Empowering Quotes on Female Sexuality

“If you should have the experience of loving an older woman, bathe in her wild, feminine, exquisite energy and know that you’ve been touched by a divine creature.” — Susan Lee Miller

Thanks, Susan, for reminding us that women's beauty and sensuality don't fade, but crystalize.

Thank you, Susan, for reminding us that women’s beauty and sensuality don’t fade, but deepen and radiate more with time.

“I take pleasure in good food, in glorious music, and in the lush desire I feel when I allow myself to be fully submerged in the fullness of my sexuality.” — Ginger

“It lies in all that I am and all that I can be; uninhibited, joyously displayed for all to see.” — Petite Esclave

“eyes meet
giggle, blush
lips kiss
skin tingles
tug, touch…” — Beth Teliho

“You’re a glorious woman and a woman foremost, who always loves to play. And for those who like a ‘slap-on-the-ass’ there’s always: Fifty Shades of Gray.” — Inion N. Mathair

Joy and fullness—yes, yes, YES!

Joy and fullness—yes, yes, YES!

“Remember there’s nothing wrong with loving yourself or loving yourself. Getting in touch with your body is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and your partner(s).”— Kitt Crescendo

“I am an intelligent woman, mother, and partner who enjoys sex and isn’t afraid to experiment and embrace my sexuality.” — Dani Walker

“Making love with myself was like dusting off a layer of dislike, revealing authenticity, inner beauty and potential.” — August McLaughlin

Embracing and nurturing our bodies in ALL ways = rockstar. #NoShame

Embracing and nurturing our bodies in ALL ways = rockstar. #NoShame

“This man, my hope the last man I will ever trust, thinks I’m gorgeous. He compliments me, he builds my self-confidence, he’s standing behind me and supporting me. And he does whatever necessary to make me feel beautiful – and sexy… and  desirable!” — Raani York

“So if you are freaking out about aging and your appearance, you may have more fun in the sack than you did in your twenties even if you go through breast cancer!” — Susie Lindau

“This morning, I raise a glass of smoothie and make a toast to you: To my gorgeous healthy clitoris – my pleasure point, my sensation center, my delicious dot – to you.” — Jean Franzblau

Cheers to all of you!

Cheers to all of you!

Prize Winners!

$50 Amazon gift card: Inion Mathair

$10 Starbucks gift card: Raani York

Guest appearance on Girl Boner Radio: Jean Franzblau and Kitt Crescendo

I chose these ladies’ posts because they are not only AWESOME, but work wonderfully into topics I’ve been planning to cover on the air. Rather than read them myself, I’ve invited both women to join me on the show! I’m delighted that they’ve agreed. Stay tuned for more on both episodes, in which we’ll explore the mighty clitoris and sex and Christianity.

Congrats to all of our winners and every one of you who contributed thoughts and stories, which IMO is the best prize of all. I hope you’ll all join us in February, ’15 for another round!

What most struck you about the first ever BOAW Girl Boner Edition? Any thoughts to share on a particular post? Or a line that’s been ringing in your thoughts since? I love hearing from you! ♥

The Beauty of a Woman BlogFest III: Original Edition

The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.” — Sam Levenson, “The Beauty of a Woman”

beauty of a woman

Welcome to our third annual Beauty of a Woman BlogFest! I started this fest two years ago, after readers were beautifully responsive to a post I shared about moving past my eating disorder. Thanks to remarkable readers and writers like you all, it’s become a positive light in the blogosphere and a gift to may each year. You are all ROCKSTARS!

This week is also National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, making the theme and stories even more meaningful. As you read contributors’ words, I hope you’ll consider ways to further embrace your own inner and outer beauty. You deserve it! If the notion seems selfish or less important than other responsibilities in your life, remind yourself that the most powerful work we can do for others derives from self-nurturing. If there’s one thing our world could use more of, IMO, it’s positive role models. 🙂 Thanks, with all my heart, for joining us!

How to participate and potentially win fun prizes:

Click on the links below to read participants’ stories between Thursday, February 27th and Sunday, March 2nd. Prizes will be awarded by way of a drawing, one for each category, next week. (To read stories from the Girl Boner category which ran earlier this week, visit this link!)

To have your name added to the prize drawing:

  • Comment below this post, based on the prompts at the end = 1 entry
  • Tweet this post, tagging me @AugstMcLaughlin = 1 entry
  • Share this post on Facebook, tagging me or my author page = 1 entry
  • Participate as a blogger = 5 entries
  • Read and post a comment on all of the posts below, then let me know you did so (in a comment on this post or via Twitter) = 10 entries

PRIZES: Winners from the drawing for each fest category will receive Starbucks and Amazon gift cards, valuing $5 to $50. I’ll also select two BOAW Girl Boner posts to read on Girl Boner Radio.

Bloggers: If you signed up for this category and your post is missing below, I haven’t yet received your link (or somehow missed it!). Please send it to me via email or Twitter and I’ll add it promptly. Thanks!

Beauty-FULL Contributions:

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17. Kecia Adams: Beauty of a Woman Blog Fest III: In Praise of the Selfie

18. Scott Moon: Touched by Fire for BOAW 3

19. Jenny Hansen: What Are YOUR 21 Layers of Beauty? #BOAW3

20. Mike Sirota: Redux: When Art Creates Life

21. Marla Martenson: The Beauty of Following Your Bliss

22. Dana Myles: Beauty of a Woman Blog Fest, 2014 – This one’s for YOU!

23. Shan Jeniah: The Beauty of a Woman Blogfest III – finding Beauty in a Life of Lovely Chaos

24. Sheri Fink: Embracing the Beauty of Your Dreams (Despite Fear and Doubt)

25. Eden MaBee: BOAW — Us

26. Katy Brandes: The Beauty of a Woman BlogFest III

27. Eli Pacheco: The Beauty of a Woman: Giving Props to My 3 Favorite Female Olympians (and Ashley Wagner)

28. August McLaughlin: How to Gain Beauty by Embracing Your Body — An Interview with Dr. Jane Greer*

*My entry is an interview on Dr. Jane Greer’s radio show, Let’s Talk Sex!, via YouTube. Feel free to tune in for as little or long you like. 🙂

How do you define beauty? What makes you feel beautiful? Any thoughts to share on this year’s fest overall? Remember, you have 4 days to check out and comment on all of the posts for 10 extra chances to win a groovy prize! If you do so, let me know via a blog comment below or Twitter (@AugstMcLaughlin) by next Tuesday, March 4th. Thanks again for participating! 

#BOAW3 BlogFest Reminders and Some Fun News!

“To love beauty is to see light.” – Victor Hugo

The moon over the sunset

Who’s excited for the Beauty of a Woman BlogFest? I sure am! For those of you who are wondering what I’m talking about, next week, bloggers across the country will be sharing thematic thoughts and stories on their respective blogs. Here on Monday, our premiere Girl Boner Edition day, you’ll find links to the sexuality-related posts. On Thursday, posts on the broader, original theme will appear here. If you haven’t yet participated as a reader or writer, I hope you’ll consider it!

Everyone who participates as a blogger and/or reader will have chances to win gift cards, valuing $5 to $50. I’ll also select two Girl Boner participants’ submissions to read on my radio show the following week. (Have I mentioned that I’m SO EXCITED? :))

A few reminders for bloggers*:

Make sure you email me a link to your post and your post’s title the night before your fest day—Sunday, February 23rd for Girl Boner posts and Wednesday, February 26th for original-theme posts. Your post should appear on your blog that day as well, or by 7am on your fest day.

Include the logo for your fest and a link to my blog in your post, and invite readers to visit my blog between Sunday February 24th and Wednesday March 3rd to read submissions from both fests and for chances to win prizes.

*If you haven’t signed up for the Beauty of a Woman BlogFest and would like to, there’s still time! For details and to register, visit this link.

Some fun news:

Last week after essentially baring my soul on the radio for an upcoming episode, I had one of those vulnerable, “I wonder if anyone is listening to my show…” spurts–I know you writers can relate!—I learned that Girl Boner Radio holds the #1 stop on iTunes’ New and Noteworthy list. HOLY COW! I was and remain stoked by the honor. Prior to that, I honestly had no idea if more than the handful of folks who’ve mentioned listening or posted a review had tuned in.

The experience reminded me that self-doubt is a normal, fleeting thing. If we simply forge on, doing work we believe in, everything will work out—likely better than we’d imagined. 

The timing couldn’t be better, as I’m promoting the BOAW BlogFest on my show on the air on Monday. New and Noteworthy recognition is known to increase downloads, which means that bloggers’ beauty-FULL stories will gain more worthy attention. YEAH-HOO!!! That’s like primo icing atop a truly scrumptious cake—minus the sugar-overload downsides.


Thank you for supporting the BOAW fest & Girl Boner Radio. This cake is for YOU!

MORE fun—TONIGHT (2/20/14) on Twitter:

If you’re around this evening, I’d love it if you’d join me and the AFTERGLOW crew for a Twitter chat featuring climax tips and tricks! You know you don’t want to miss the chance to chat with world’s most incredible vibrator. 😉 The chat starts at 6:30pm PST, using the hashtag #AfterGlowChat.

Any thoughts or questions to share about the BOAW BlogFest? What have you learned about self-doubt—and how? Will you be joining me on the #AfterGlowChat on Twitter tonight? I love hearing your thoughts. ♥

#Afterglow: A Vibrator Like No Other

What do you get when you combine the health perks of UV light waves, the scrumptious buzz of a vibrator and the expertise of one of the world’s leading gynecologists? I’ll tell you: a sensual toy that keeps on giving (and giving, and giving…).

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Ralph Zipper, creator of AFTERGLOW®. This vibrator may well be the most incredible sex toy a woman, or anyone, can buy. We discussed his journey into the adult pleasure industry, how AFTERGLOW® works to increase pleasure and enhance physical wellness for women and more.

 Good Vibrations Sex Ed Series: How to Choose a Vibrator.

Here are just a few of the benefits this luxurious vibrator offers:

  • UV light waves stimulate blood flow, relax muscles and lower the risk of bacterial growth—guarding against yeast and bladder infections.
  • Versatile to boot, AFTERGLOW® provides 85 different combinations of light energy and vibration for customized arousal.
  • Its unparalleled pleasure capabilities are designed to stimulate frequent and intense orgasms! (Can I have a Yes, Yes, YES???)

Afterglow August McLaughlin Dr. Zipper

At $250, AFTERGLOW® is definitely an investment—and a highly worthy one, in my opinion. You can learn more and purchase your own at For more fun, follow @my_afterglow on Twitter. (Yes, this vibrator even tweets! ;))

To listen to the full radio show episode, including my interview with Dr. Zipper and highlights from my first experience with the wonder-toy, pop over to Girl Boner Radio on iTunes! I’d love to hear what you think.