Celebrating Vulnerability and Links I LOVE

vulnerable adj. vul·ner·a·ble: easily hurt or harmed physically, mentally, or emotionally; open to attack, harm, or damage – Merriam Webster

There’s something missing from this definition. Vulnerability doesn’t merely leave us more easily hurt but wide open to greater love, sensitivity, awareness and compassion. Without it, I’m not sure we’d ever grow.

The past few years have been a near crash course in the V-word for me—from blogging my heart out to launching my show. In addition to being “where good girls go for sexual empowerment,” Girl Boner® Radio is where I go to stand strong in my beliefs, explore controversial issues and speak from my heart, sans script or the editing manuscripts and articles require. Last week it was filmed for the first time, providing more chances to explore Vulnerable City with my tribe of giddy butterflies. (I love them so.)

GB radio 7-22

Today I want to highlight some stellar reads from the blog-o-sophere—all of which serve as proof that vulnerability is a near superpower, and equal parts magnifying glass and compass if we embrace it. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! If you do, check out their blogs and follow them on Twitter.

Three Posts That Rocked My World

Why the Lingerie World Gets on My Tits via Neon Moon—an empowering, world-shifting lingerie company y’all must check out! Here, Hayat Rachi shares the personal experiences that inspired the revolutionary brand.

Neon Moon quote

The Expedition of No Return by KM Huber—my friend and fabulous zen blogger shares how she’s discovered “life anew” after learning she was at high risk for quadriplegia and having surgery that challenged her values. She’s a miracle.

KM Huber

Why We Hate Photos of Ourselves by Alexandra Rosas (via Purple Clover)—a gifted friend I met through BlogHer shares how she learned to embrace photos of herself after her mother’s passing. It’s rich with valuable insight.

Alexandra Rosas

What have times of vulnerability taught you? What rewards have you gained in the process? What did you think of these posts? I love hearing from you! ♥

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  1. It’s always so wonderful to sit and spend time with you, August. You are a rare find: grounded, encouraging, supportive and so very honest. It’s a joy to know you. Thank you.

  2. The one about the photos really hit home.

  3. I think I learned during my past that I am in fact a vulnerable person… I can be hurt, I can be disappointed, I can be annoyed; I even can be destroyed… and all within a nanosecond. But then: I do live my life to the fullest. I permit all the important emotions playing a major role in my life: love, friendship, confidence, loyalty, pain, fear, comfort… even anger, amongst all others. Living with an open heart is not a sin… it might be a little uncomfortable at times – but it guarantees one lives the best emotional roller coaster possible. And there is one emotion that won’t be showing up: boredom.

    • Excellent points, Aurora. I’d much rather have a full, rich life than one chock-full of tedium! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts – affirming, indeed. 🙂

  4. Really appreciate being included in such an important post with such inspiring women. I really like thinking of vulnerability as a superpower–thank for you for that–there is so much strength in being who we are for it is rock solid, as shaky as it may feel initially. No matter the outcome, we learn, and that, too, is empowering. Thanks, August.

  5. Beautiful and inspirational posts, August. Mathair is all about vulnerability; it’s not a state of mind I’ve embraced fully just yet. I have problems with bottling my emotions, but I’m working on allowing myself to open up more and be comfortable with being… uncomfortable. lol I find strength and beauty in others when they are vulnerable so I’m all about promoting that and learning to accept it within myself. Great post!


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