Help My Brilliant Friend Elle Beat Cancer

Two years ago on a sweltering April afternoon, I lugged copies of my novel to the LA Times Festival of Books, hoping I’d sell a few—okay, all of them. Little did I know then that the biggest reward would be the start of a lasting friendship.

As soon as I met my table-mate Elle, I was smitten. Her palpable warmth and ebullience made it impossible not to smile, and we seemed to have much in common, from past theatrical careers and body image wars to the valiant blonde women gracing our book covers. (We both had to have the images specially created, after observing the lack of stock photos of kickass gals with blonde tresses.) And unlike many of our fantastic introverted writer pals, we’re both, shall we say, outspoken.

We chattered away, luring passersby to our table and (let’s be honest) frightening others with our OVER-THE-TOP-ENTHUSIASM, ahem, slightly overt cheerfulness.

Elle the Author August McLaughlin SCWC

Those who dared approach seemed surprised that these chipper chicas wrote dark thrillers. I caught us both describing our books with phrases like, “…gritty and psychological…violence, yes, but no animals are harmed…eating disorders and sexual trauma…but inspiring! It could change the world!”

And here’s the thing:

We both sincerely believe that. Out of darkness derives the most powerful light, and nothing in life happens from which we can’t learn from or use as a platform to inspire or support others.

If you have any doubts about that, seeing how Elle is dealing with her latest fight, breast cancer, would erase them. Seemingly from the moment she was diagnosed, she’s been handling it with uncommon grace, will and humor—and already has plans to transform any bitterness into sweet lemonade.

Elizabeth Posten

Elle has also been brave enough to ask for necessary support:

Wish list intro

Tell me you don’t love her already. ♥

Elle and August

I hope you’ll consider supporting her however you can. Cancer doesn’t merely affect those who have the disease, but all of us—and Elle happens to be one of the most magnificent.

Visit her registry to make a donation, 10% of which goes to LetsFCancer, or gift her an item from her wish list. 

To learn more about Elle and order her poignant book, The Fall, visit Listen to our Girl Boner Radio chat on overcoming dating abuse through this link or download the podcast here, via iTunes.

Much love,


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  1. Tell her that the bionic boobs rock and soon she’ll be rockin’ too!

  2. Catherine Johnson

     /  April 13, 2015

    Awh you two look like great pals. So sorry she’s got cancer. Let’s hope she gets through this fighting.

  3. Take it one day at a time and don’t sweat the small stuff. I’m now four years clear and am rocking my writing! Go girl – look after you!

  4. This is wonderful that you are doing this for your friend, August! True friendship!

    The shipping address on the registry is a little confusing. Is Cornelius the town?

    And what a great idea to use the Amazon registry! Make it simple for folks and they will contribute. I’ll send along prayers as well as some of the practical stuff she has on there.

  5. Hi August, if Elle is open to alternative treatments, there’s a chemist/ herbalist on youtube that has success with cancers. Pass this on if you can. Best wishes to the both of you!

    Blessings ❤

  6. Tell her help is on its way… I did a little something and I’ll spread word about help being needed. I sent her a card too.

  7. I joined you August in support of Elle. Sending you both BIG love and joy. xxoo ❤


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