Keeping On Shining: A #SparkleFriday Wrap-Up

You know what’s fun? Joining forces with a bunch of awesome people to show others what kindness can do.

sparkle everyone

I can’t thank everyone who participated in #SparkleFriday enough. Your efforts to brighten Black Friday and warm my family’s new home were heartfelt, thought-provoking and impactful.

As a group, you brought food and clothing to homeless people, purchased toys for children who wouldn’t otherwise receive gifts this holiday season, cared for animals in need, gave anonymous gifts and encouraging notes to strangers, babysat for a couple so they could enjoy a well-deserved date night, reconnected with loved ones, donated to worthy charities, cleaned up after others’ animals, created art to deliver to a nursing home, took on added housework so loved ones could sleep in, prioritized self-care and more. More than once, I was touched to tears. I hope you gained at least as much joy and warmth as you gave!

And now, to announce our prize winners! The #SparkleFriday gift packs from Good Clean Love go to…


Gayle Carline and Elizabeth Ann Mitchell! For inspiring the most sparkle throughout social media with your posts and for your extreme thoughtfulness, THANK YOU!

Elizabeth #SparkleFriday

Gayle sparkled all over the place! And shared beautiful insight on her blog (post link below).

Gayle sparkled all over the place! And shared beautiful insight on her blog (post link below).

Special thanks to Good Clean Love for donating these wonderful prizes! 

Special thanks to Good Clean Love for donating these wonderful prizes!

To learn more about participants’ experiences, check out these fabulous blog posts:

I’m all a-sparkle by Gayle Carline

Shimmer & Shine! It’s #SparkleFriday… by Kitt Crescendo

#SparkleFriday by Raani York

#SparkleFriday, with the Kids at a Toy Store by Shan Janiah

To check out people’s posts on the event page, visit this link on Facebook or search for the hashtag #SparkleFriday.

Stay tuned later this week to learn more about my own surprising #SparkleFriday experience, and a special project it inspired. So excited! Until then, wishing you loads of happiness. ♥

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” – Anne Frank

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  1. Raani York

     /  December 2, 2014

    Thanks for sharing this on your blog, August. It was such a wonderful experience and it was so much fun to be part of it!! Thanks for the initiation and the idea! You made “Black Friday” something special for me!

    And Congratulations Gayle and Elizabeth! You deserve it!! 🙂

  2. Now I know what I’ll be browsing for the rest of the week! =D


  3. Oh my! I’m so honored!

  4. How lovely for you to feature my #Sparkle Friday effort! I’m honored, as Gayle said, and I’m going to follow Shan on a trek through the posts. Great job, everyone! 🙂


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