Sex Tips From Gigolos Star Nick Hawk: More Than Meets the Eye

“I like to be close, intimate and wrapped up in a ball of hot sex.” — Nick Hawk

Yowza, right? As many of you know, I had the pleasure of interviewing Nick Hawk, a star of Showtime’s Gigolos, for Girl Boner Radio last week. I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to interview someone whose career focuses on female sexual pleasure! I can only imagine how many Girl Boners he’s ignited… *rushes off to daydream*

While Nick is perhaps best known for his role as a sexy celebrity escort, there’s much more to him than that. The Wisconsin native had a wrestling career, entered the air force and worked as a stripper and bartender while earning an English degree before Gigolos producers approached him in 2010. He prides himself in living life to the fullest and has recently added coaching men on sex and dating and authoring educational books to the mix.

Nick was kind enough to carry our interview on via email. To listen to part one of our interview, pop over to this link on iTunes:

Girl Boner Radio: Tantalizing Tips, Turn-Ons and Sex Toys with Gigolos Star Nick Hawk

Nick Hawk Gigolos


August: What simple steps can a man take to help his lover feel more comfortable and confident sexually?

Nick: As my Sexpert website states right on the top, “honesty and respect are the keys to a happy relationship.”  Sincerity and HONEST compliments will make her more comfortable and confident. This shouldn’t be challenging or you’re with the wrong person. You might get into the mindset that it goes without saying but if you notice she is in a good mood or something about them is turing you on. Let them know! And when you’re in bed with them, tell them when they do something right. Let them know you’re enjoying it and how hot they look when they do it. If you’re there for her mentally, she’ll be there for you physically.

August: Many women seem to feel uncomfortable expressing their sexual wants and needs. Any tips for easing that angst?

Nick: This is a challenge for everyone but we are moving into a more sexually advanced society and a society where most people don’t feel as if they’re doing something wrong exploring, maybe something that in the past was considered abnormal, sexual desires. And we can go back to the previous question because you have to make your woman feel comfortable enough for her to talk to you about them. Being honest with her and telling her about yours will help as well.

August: What’s one of your favorite sex positions? What do you love about it?

Nick: Besides the “Nick Hawk?”  I would have to say the one I named “The Lover” in my sex position book. I like to be close, intimate and wrapped up in a ball of hot sex. I also love skin-on-skin contact and breasts in my face.

August: My imagination thanks you! You all make us laugh a lot on Gigolos. What’s one of your funniest sexual experiences?

Nick: My goal in everything I do in life is to make it fun. That was what I wanted and expected from day one of Gigolos, my sex toy line, my music and of course giggling. I’m ecstatic Gigolos is a comedy that makes people laugh and gives people a more positive perspective about dating and sex. As for sexual experiences, the ones that are most fun are when you can goof off a little bit and maybe try some weird kinky shit. If you go into anything with the right attitude you’re going to have fun with it. I think it’s a riot having sex in public and fleeing the scene as well. An elevator incident comes to mind.


Don’t you love the way he tells us just enough to send our thoughts whirling and wanting for more??? Huge thanks to Nick for sharing his time and insight with us. To learn more about the celebrity gigolo, gain his sex-pertise, order his sex toys and more, visit You can also connect with Nick on twitter: @TheNickHawk.

Any thoughts to share with Nick? What did you think of our interviews? What’s YOUR favorite sex position? Are you a Gigolos fan? I love hearing from you! ♥ 


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  1. As a man, I apologize for the a**hat you interviewed. I love women and have been taught to respect them. Thinking up sex positions and naming then after yourself is the ultimate in male egotism. Male “sex experts” know basically zip. If they took the time to learn from their partner and spend less time flashing an over-tattooed body and preening. English degree my a**. If he got one he should use it to teach students in schools not advertise himself being a detriment to all men. The average man doesn’t look anything like the picture. He’s the guy who has an honest job and isn’t a male prostitute. Yeah, that’s what Nick is. The only difference from the women who are forced into the profession due to circumstance or an abusive male is that he has a platform that he can advertise his “wares” on. C’mon ladies smarten up.

    • I may have thought the same before seeing the show. I think the egotism you perceived is part of its intentional comedy, and the (very smart and real) women are the biggest stars, IMO. And the focus on female sexual gratification rocks!

      I’m with you on celebrating realistic body shapes and sizes! Little is sexier than authenticity.

      • Hi, I’m back. I’d like to apologize. I was an opinionated a**hat. It’s just I’m an average guy and it steams me when women fawn all over some super-stud when I’m standing right next to them. I’m not ripped or have I spent half of my adult life getting body art. I’ve been ignored by women for athletes, management, senior military and the odd guy who went into debt to own a “chick magnet” car. All we ask is look at us. we may not be centerfold material, but we’re loyal, and when we are with a woman we’re devoted. I know men aren’t supposed to apologize (John Wayne says so) but screw it. Okay? Again I’m sorry for venting in your blog. And being an a**hat.

      • No sweat, Tom. It irks me when women stand up for women, yet objectify men in the very ways they hate being subjected to — not my thing at all, not was that my intention here.

        For the record, I was fawning over sexy thoughts/words above. 🙂 Real beauty’s on the inside and radiates out. “Look at us” — yes! We all deserve that.

  2. laurie27wsmith

     /  March 26, 2014

    Hi August, I’d say Nick is quite the astute businessman and has a product to sell to those in need. If he can get people to open up about their sexual needs and wants, good on him. I do hope he has a plan B for the day when his audience dwindles to follow the next studly dudly. Nick old son, milk it for all it’s worth you lucky son of a gun. 🙂
    Oh, fave sex position? I’m a lazy sob, woman on top, followed by rear entry. Actually due to a couple of old injuries from coming off horses, it’s the only thing I have on offer. -D

  3. August! I’ve been AWOL way too long. I’m glad I popped in this morning after Tom posted his comments. I look at Nick (Geesh! What woman wouldn’t?), but his picture and hot bod do not make him my ideal partner. Twenty years ago? You bet!

    It’s the words and sentiments inside the man — those sentiments Nick expressed — that added a layer of The Real Deal man for me. The man, no matter his physique with that type of respect for and appreciation of women would get my #GIRLBONER attention.

    SIDE NOTE: I am SO frustrated! No…not in that way. [I have toys pending arrival of The Man. Although, I’ve got to admit I’m getting anxious to try my new knowledge with a partner.] I keep trying to download podcast on my HP and again yesterday on my iPad so I can follow your interviews. Error! Error! Error! <==== my download results to date. I'll devote some time, because I simply have to hear these interviews.

    And, I’m saving my pennies for that primo vibrator you featured weeks ago. I want to hear all about your experience with it.

    • I’m so with you on sentiments mattering most, Gloria! What’s inside really does count most — some cliches are oh-so-true. 🙂

      Sorry you’ve been having download issues! Have you tried downloading the podcast app from iTunes on your iPad? Makes it easy breezy! You can also listen straight from my radio page, without downloading the shows. Simply click the play button. Let me know if you remain stuck!

  4. Nick shared some great insight with Girl Boner readers and listeners. Great questions BTW, August, and what a juicy interviewee! Can’t believe all the secrets he was willing to share, and how he held back and made us want more. 😉 At least made me and Mathair want more. LOL.

  5. Raani York

     /  March 27, 2014

    I was laughing loudly about the interview. In many ways I do agree with Laurie. I love your interview style August. I’m only not really sure how “real” Nick Hawk” with the sexy body was about his answers. That’s what made me laugh.
    Yes, he is open, yes, he replied in a sexy way – but that’s what I personally think he has to, considering him being a business man.
    I still liked the interview very much!! You’re doing such a great job, August! 🙂

  1. Tantalizing Tips, Turn-Ons and Sex Toys with Gigolos Star Nick Hawk | August McLaughlin

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