My Capricarius Birthday Wish

Capricarious: (noun) People born between December 18 and December 25; outgoing, driven, loving, adventurous, stubborn, impatient folks; a term I made up; me. Synonym: Sagicorn.

I have mixed feelings about astrology. Star signs, while intriguing, long seemed like hogwash to me, partly because I never fully fit into the capricorn-box. (Me, patient and inhibited? Not so much…) When I read about the Capricorn/Sagittarius cusp, though, I began to wonder; the descriptions really seem to incapsulate me. Regardless, I find it all fun and entertaining, occasionally too-spot-on to discount and respect all views regarding their validity. (How very Capri-pragmatic of me! 😉 )

Since today is my birthday, I’ve decided to make a wish:

I want everyone who reads this to take one bold step toward a dream. You don’t have to report back to me, though please feel free! I just want to give you all a little nudge, which is equal parts selfish and selfless. The whole world brightens when we live authentically and pursue our passions—in all aspects of our lives.

And because I’m a Capricarious, I want you to do it NOW or ASAP! Whatever you’re thinking of now that makes your heart pound or your palms sweat, step toward it. Do so with gusto and stop telling yourself you can’t, shouldn’t or lack what it takes to do so.

Los Angeles quote

Chances are you’re far more beautiful, courageous, talented and capable than you realize. Even if you weren’t, passion, hard work and perseverance are gold. They pave the way to whatever dreams we pursue, which would not be present in our hearts and minds if we lacked all it takes to fulfill them. That’s my humble opinion, but it’s also right! #TheSagittariusInMe

Whatever you do, please don’t let others’ thoughts or conventions stand in your way. Though I jest about sign blend-age, I believe with all my heart that we need not—should not—attempt to squeeze ourselves into any figurative box. The only label that counts is your name (your identity and passions) and whether or not you honor it authentically.

I love you all. Thanks for the ongoing support! ♥

Happy holidays! I’m off to eat cake… 😉

How are you like/unlike your astrological sign? Any other Capricarious/Sagicorns out there? Care to share your dream steps? I’m always eager to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Raani York

     /  December 23, 2013

    A HUGE Happy Birthday to you, August, my friend!! Thank you very much for this post – and of course for my wish. Let’s say I’m not a typical Capricorn either and I definitely am a little superstitious sometimes and therefore will keep my wish a secret. (I always think, if I’m careful on HOW I express my wish I might get two into one… is that greedy? LOL)
    Have a GREAT and AMAZING day!!

    • Thank you, Raani! I don’t like jinxing my wishes either. LOL And no, that’s not greedy! The more wishes the better, IMO, especially when they’re authentic and make us lovelier to be around. 😉 So you’re Cap. too, hey? Love that!

  2. Sherman P Bastarache

     /  December 23, 2013

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great Birthday and a wonderful Christmas season!

  3. Molly Pendlebury

     /  December 23, 2013

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUGUST!!! Your wish is my command. I’ve made a decision but, will keep it to myself as, I fear if I say it out loud before I talk to DH about it, I might jinx myself. Here’s hoping all your birthday wishes and dreams come true for you! Happy Day Lovely Lady!!

  4. Happy Birthday August!

  5. Capricarius?! That’s almost Sagicorny! 🙂 Happy Birthday, GOTB.

  6. Great birthday wish! Happy Birthday and I wish for you that all your dreams begin to manifest this year. Though, it has been inspiring watching you make that happen all on your own 🙂 Birthday hugs to you and that precious four legged baby of yours.

  7. Catherine Johnson

     /  December 23, 2013

    Have a wonderful birthday, August! You have a lot in common with my sister who is sagittarius. I used to be totally into star signs. Any other wanas Capricorns then?

  8. Happy Birthday! And what a great wish. I fully intend to follow through today, though I’m not sure exactly how yet. I’ll get there, I think I might have to survive these last two days before Christmas first…

    I’m an Aries, myself, which surprises people because I guess I don’t seem as “fiery” as they imagine an Aries to be, but I think that’s mostly because they haven’t gotten to know me well or just haven’t pissed me off yet…

  9. Happy Birthday!!! I’m a Scorpio with Aquarius rising, so life gets interesting a lot. I’m married to a Capricorn. 🙂 Also, have a wonderful holiday season – and thank you for the fascinating and entertaining blogs all year. I enjoy it here!

  10. Kourtney Heintz

     /  December 23, 2013

    Happy Birthday! What an awesome bday wish. 🙂 I sometimes find the general astrological signs to be so-so in fitting. I like a nice birth chart though. Happiest of Holidays!

  11. laurie27wsmith

     /  December 23, 2013

    Mine is on the 27th, a typical horny goat Capricorn. 🙂 When I saw the title of the blog, my slightly dyslexic mind thought it said capricious. I used to do star signs for people but it is hard work. Then when I told someone that Neptune was in Uranus they got a bit huffy. Have a great Christmas August.

    • LOL Happy early birthday! I learned recently that the Capricorn goat is the Greek symbol for lust. 🙂

      Thanks for the ongoing support!

      • laurie27wsmith

         /  December 24, 2013

        Thanks August, birthday wishes taken. Yes there’s nothing more lustful than goats. Hmm, that sounds bad, err, they have always been symbols for sexual activity. Satyrs and such like. I like your blog and you are a nice, forthright lady so I’ll be there waving a little flag in the background. 🙂

      • Ha! Thanks, Laurie. Flag wagging of all kinds means a lot. 🙂

  12. When I was a little girl, my mother was heavily into astrology (60s, Flower Power and all that). She taught me a lot of about the various stuff that is supposed to shift the balance of a sun sign (the big twelve) so that a horoscope makes sense. Things like the moon’s spot at that points, when the sun rose the day you were born (rising sign), etc.

    Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know. I’m not so much convinced of cosmic forces controlling people’s destiny as the way that weather, light and gravitational pulls of various celestial bodies affect the Earth and so the moods of people on and around their child’s births mattering… It’s just a more personal form of the Full Moon madness that we’re always hearing about.

    Whatever it means in the cosmic scheme of things… It does mean you are here. And that’s awesome! Happy birthday from another Capricarious.

  13. I stumbled into studying astrology more than 30 years ago. A woman from the Thesosophical Society – a metaphysical organization headquartered near Chicago – dared me to check it out when I laughed at her for being an astrologer. She quoted Sir Isaac Newton, who was as renowned for being an astrologer as he was for being a legendary scientist, when he said to a fellow scientist who severely criticized his astrological background: “I have studied it,” Newton replied. “You, sir, have not.” Newton counseled many people, all of whom swore by his analysis. Many fellow scientists of his day also studied it, and were won over – not by Newton, but by astrology itself. So I took the challenge, read a dozen or so books and experimented with all of it. Let’s just say I was quite surprised, and that Sir Isaac was not a charlatan. I offer the strongest of caveats to those who would check into astrology. Go lightly, and connect with people who are well along on the so-called razor edged path to Truth. Don’t do what I did, which was chase it without proper guidance and got confused. Meditations and positive affirmations have been proven to take one to a place of peace and comfort.

  14. Happy birthday – all the best for the holiday season. I hope all works out for your radio ventures in 2014 too – very exciting. Live the dream – and it will help and inspire others to find theirs.

    My science geek nature clashes somewhat with astrology… but apropos birthdays just this time of year… as a kid, was it really sucky to have a birthday this close to Xmas? You know,those ‘combined presents’?

    • Matthew: I too had a “science geek” nature. I was also a flat-out atheist. Then I studied a subject and the
      backup facts. My life was changed. I do not ever push or even discuss what I found. Controversial, to say the least. But I learned early that you have to check everything before you come to an absolute conclusion. I was a cop for 33 years. A detective for 22 years. It became my nature to dig and dig and dig. And then dig some more. When a person sees a 2+2=4 situation, they’ll know it.

    • Thanks so much, Matthew! And I hear you on the scientific perspective.

      I actually dig my blended birthday/Christmas holidays. As a kid I received extra gifts–people feeling sorry for me and the splittage. Nowadays I love the fact that my loved ones are typically gathered. 🙂

      Wishing you and yours a wonderful wrap-up to 2013 and a brilliant next up!

  15. Merry Christmas, August. Thanks for the nudge. 😉

  16. What a lovely way to celebrate your birthday! Thanks for sharing inspiring words.

    Have a lovely birthday and holiday season. Best wishes!

  17. Girl, I took your advice. Finally published my short. No matter what, I can say that I didn’t let fear stop me. 🙂 Hope your birthday was as fabulous as I think you are!

  18. Hi – popped over from Kitts blog. Love your blog and topics. Seems we share the same thoughts. Pop on over to mine sometime

  19. Thanks for the nudge, August. And of course your lovely support. Happy to know a Sagicorn like you. 🙂 Happy, healthy, peaceful, successful new year to you and yours. 🙂

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