Orgasmic Facts About Food

WARNING: If you detest Brussels sprouts, read “chocolate” (or another appealing food) in its place throughout the following—or risk gagging or falling in love, lust or like with the brassica family.

Who knew these little green balls could be so orgasmic?

orgasmic sprouts

There I was, having dinner with newfound friends at Killer Nashville, an annual mystery/thriller writers’ conference, when the most sumptuous veggies I may have ever tasted found my mouth. As I closed my lips around one of the tiny cabbages I’d been lusting over with my nose, giddy appetite and eyes, an excited tingle filled me and—honest to God—I moaned. So enamored by the flavor explosion causing multiple forms of salivation (IYKWIM!), I scarcely noticed my pal-turned-paparazzi snapping photos.

orgasm brussels sprouts 2

Did I actually orgasm? By traditional definition, no. But if you define orgasm in broader terms, absolutely.

OneTaste, a company dedicated to researching and teaching the practices of orgasmic meditation, defines orgasm not only as sexual climax, but as everything leading up to and trailing after it. “The entire ride of bodily sensation in connection with another, is Orgasm,” states their website. By this definition, those Brussels sprouts and I had sex! Great sex, at that. Chances are you and some of your recent vittles have, too. Curious, confused or skeptical? Consider the following…

Orgasmic Facts About Food

1. Eating is SEXY. Sensuality is all about stimulating and engaging our senses, and little tickles them like savory food. Eating also triggers the release of the “thrill” chemical dopamine—the same substance released during arousal and climax. We get the most bang (scrumptious pun!) from our first few bites, so take your time and savor those initial morsels. To up the arousal ante further, seek adventure. New experiences, including trying new foods and dining in unfamiliar settings, trigger dopamine production. (In the case of my orgasmic sprouts, new friendships and fun in Nashville likely served as foreplay. Writers. Are. HOT!)

2. Sharing food is HOT. All species show love by feeding one another. As a culture, we delight in sharing, and often bond through food. Feeding a partner allows us to enjoy his or her enjoyment—not to mention drool over admire their mouth. (Mmm…!) Dining out in a romantic setting is unarguably enticing, but so is simpler fare rich in TLC. Ever noticed how even a PBJ made by a loved one tastes better than one you made for yourself? Limited research shows that food prepared with love actually tastes better, from a brain chemistry standpoint.

3. Certain foods promote sexual health and arousal. Many supposed aphrodisiac foods are sadly more myth than fact-based. That said, a variety of foods contain nutrients that help your brain and body desire and prepare for pleasurable sex and orgasm. The complex carbs in whole grains, fruits and vegetables energize cells in the brain and body, providing staying power—crucial, considering the fact that exhaustion is a top libido tanker. They also allow the brain to produce serotonin, which helps promote positive moods and arousal. The micro-nutrients in whole foods promote everything from minimized pain and bloating to normalized circulation. We all need healthy blood flow for our Girl Boners (and Boy Boners!) to function properly.

Life should be sensual. When it is, which requires embracing our sexuality and capacity for pleasure IMO, even cruciferous vegetables can work like magic wands on our Girl Boners.

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Your turn! Close your eyes and recall an ultra-sexy eating experience, or let your imagination dream up a new one. What did it entail? Did any aspect surprise you? What foods or dining experiences you find the most sensual? Let me know in the comments. I love hearing from you! ♥

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  1. Asparagus. Looking at the hot male, picking up a piece of crisp asparagus and running my tongue ’round the tip of it before sucking it into my mouth. That gets my feel good mojo rocking. And, the look in that hot male’s eyes? Priceless.

    Bring it on. And, YKWIM.

  2. Great post, August! Your points are right on. My own personal foodgasms happen when I’m eating sushi, oysters, and chocolate…and everything does taste better when eaten with someone you love! Awesome pix too 🙂

  3. Oh, this is awesome, and I especially love that expanded definition of orgasm from OneTaste. Food just makes me darn happy, especially oysters and yummy desserts. I agree with point #2, but I think I’d add on the act of cooking a meal with a partner. The process itself–working together, taste-testing, etc.–lends itself to the creation of a very sexy meal. 😀

    • Ooh, yes! Joint cooking can definitely turn up the heat. 🙂 Thanks, Lena.

      Intimacy is all about nurturing ourselves and each other, IMO. I really dig the broader “big O” definition, too!

  4. well, obviously by your photo the Brussels sprouts were to die for. Maybe I should go buy some for my wife….

  5. Raani York

     /  October 21, 2013

    You’re going to laugh… I personally think… a steak, as soft as butter, it nearly melts – this is pretty close to orgasmic… hmmmm
    THANKS – now you made my mouth water!! 😛

  6. laurie27wsmith

     /  October 21, 2013

    Believe it or not, fish and chips (fries). When you’re hungry and you smell the hot food it’s just yum. The next thing is when your so thirsty your throat feels like sandpaper, the day’s hot, you’re sweaty and tired. Then you take that first mouthful of a cold beer. nearly as good as sex.

    • You know, Laurie, I’m not a big fan of the picks you mentioned, yet here I am, salivating! Must be your sharp writing chops paired with my imagination. 🙂 Eat on!

      • laurie27wsmith

         /  October 22, 2013

        Ah, my hypnotic personality August. Fish and chips were always a treat. Hot, crisp but soft inside, a dash of salt and vinegar. I have to stop, I. don’t know whether I’m hungry or horny.o_O

  7. Now see, I am a Brussels sprout kind of girl. You mean I’ve been having sex with Brussels sprouts for most of my life and I didn’t know it? I love Brussels sprouts! I always learn something from you August. This IS orgasmic news!

    • LOL You nearly just made me laugh/fly off the elliptical machine, Karen. Yes, it seems likely that you’ve been having Brussels sprout sex! 😉

  8. I love Brussels Sprouts!!! Going to have them tonight. I’ve always thought of really good food as orgasmic, now I know I’ve been right all along 🙂

  9. Mathair always said I had an inappropriate relationship with food. Looks like I’m not the only one. LOL. I love brussel sprouts, really any veggie, but my favorite are beets. Earthy, sweet, reddened jewels that I can pretty much have any way under the sun. Great post, August.

  10. Catherine Johnson

     /  October 23, 2013

    I live sprouts with bacon and or sliced almonds yum! You make a great case for a varied diet.

  11. I have tried to like Brussels sprouts, but my taste buds throw up every time I eat them, so I’ll definitely have to replace them with chocolate…or a Texas Roadhouse salad with thousand island dressing. Fortunately I found a copycat recipe and can make it at home any time I want…and that’s on a regular basis. Even now I’m surprised at how much I love that salad, and unless I happen to be in the, “My PMS is BAD and I need chocolate or someone will die” mood, I’d choose that salad over a brownie any day of the week. I probably look like an idiot eating it because my taste buds are definitely in lust with it. 🙂

    PBJ tastes better when prepared by a loved one? Hmm. Maybe not if the loved one happens to be your impish ten year old baby brother. The brother who knows you don’t pay attention to anything when you’re lost in a book, The brother who sweetly asks if you’d like a sandwich, and you’re so caught up in the story that you don’t stop to wonder why he offered to do something nice – until he’s laughing like a lunatic after you take a bite…only to find that he put about an inch of peanut butter between the slices of bread. 😀

  12. Very cool post, Brussel Sprouts are great & weirdly under-rated

  13. Well, other than feeling victimized by a cruel bait-and-switch (I got pulled in by the possible orgasmic qualities of CHOCOLATE and you switched to BRUSSELS SPROUTS) I loved your post. It really is all about the experience, isn’t it? And I actually learned to like those little green guys last year when my son roasted them with garlic and cherry tomatoes.

  14. I am the only one in my family who loves Brussels Sprouts and I don’t understand it. It is an amazing veggie, packed with flavor. I don’t blame you for reacting the way you did. Getting caught by the paparazzi, now that’s funny.

  15. Kourtney Heintz

     /  October 26, 2013

    August, I had the brussel sprouts at that restaurant too. They were really really good. The trick to getting rid of the bitter is lemon juice. 😉

  16. I was once treated to dinner in a Seattle area Indian restaurant by my eldest son and each time I had a bite of the lamb, I actually moaned, too. It was so tender and so tasty. Myresponses brought not only laughter to those at the table with me, but made them label it the “Orgasmic Lamb” experience thereafter. Food can be extremely sensual and perhaps even sexual–who knows what we have yet to discover? 😉


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